Townsmen VR now available on PlayStation VR2

With the PlayStation VR2 now available in many countries, THQ Nordic launched Townsmen VR, a new game that's exclusive to the platform.

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With the PlayStation VR2 now available in many countries, THQ Nordic and HandyGames launched Townsmen VR, a new game that’s exclusive to the platform.

This new VR game gives players the ability to hover above an island and help its inhabitants build their town. While it may seem like a standard city-builder at first, it’s far from the usual game in the genre as you can fully interact with the world and help the town’s denizens directly thanks to virtual reality.

The game’s premise is described as:

Townsmen VR uses the exciting possibilities of virtual reality to further enhance the classic city-building genre through an entirely new gameplay experience and interactive mechanics. The game combines elements of a God-game simulation and a classic building game with the interactive possibilities of VR controls. Whether from a bird’s eye view or zoomed-in close, you will always experience the action from the proper perspective.

Start with a small settlement and expand your might over a world of 13 different islands and archipelagos. Filled to the brim with exciting features, gizmos, and things to lay your virtual hands on. Build more than 20 unique buildings and upgrade them. Immerse yourself in a thrilling story with many exciting quests, or play without restrictions in the sandbox mode with goals set by you. Hours of fun are guaranteed!

Intuitive control of the environment helps you move about – you can literally crawl over the island or move your viewpoint as you would position your images on your smartphone. You’ll get accustomed to ruling your empire very fast.

Townsmen VR is now available on PlayStation VR2. As for the VR set, it is not yet officially available in the Philippines, though it is expected to release soon.