Wild Rift League-Asia begins in April 2023

Riot Games recently revealed the full details of the Wild Rift League-Asia, the region's premier Wild Rift tournament. 

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Riot Games recently revealed the full details of the Wild Rift League-Asia, the region’s premier Wild Rift tournament.

Specifically, this upcoming Asia league will kick off this April, and it will feature teams from WRL CN and ARL APAC as they face off and showcase high-level Wild Rift gameplay. 20 teams will be facing off in total: 12 from WRL CN and 8 from WRL APAC. Teams from WRL APAC can advance to WRL APAC Open Qualifier through regional tournaments and get a chance to advance to Wild Rift League-Asia.

This new format means the WRL Challenger tournament (WRLC) will no longer take place, though teams will still be able to compete in the WRT Challenger tournament (WRTC). Specifically, teams from WRL CN will still be able to advance to the WRT by participating in the region’s Wild Rift National League (WRN).

Meanwhile, the third Wild Rift Tour (WRT3) will have a single season throughout the year, with second-level WRL CN pro teams competing in up to six separate tournaments to determine the 2023 champion.

As for the region’s 2023 season timeline, the first season of Wild Rift League-Asia will run from April to July. Meanwhile, season 2 will run from September to December. There will also be a transfer window that will start from August to September.

There will also be two secondary leagues: WRT3 of WRL CN which will run from April to November this year, and the regional events of WRL APAC that will run from June to November this 2023.

There’s also the WRL APAC Open Qualifier which has already begun. At the end of the oepn qualifier, eight teams will be selected from WRL APAC: Vietnam (2 slots), Philippines (2 slots), Southeast Asia (2 slots), South Korea (1 slot), and LCQ (1 slot).

The next WRL A1 competitions will be divided into three stages: regular season, playoffs, and finals.

More info on the league will be shared later this year, including the venue for the WRL A1 finals.