Front Mission 2: Remake launches for the Nintendo Switch this June

Strategic turn-based combat and Wanzer customization is back!

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The popular tactical mech RPG classic is coming back in handheld! Front Mission 2: Remake will launch for Nintendo Switch on June 12.

Check out the recent trailer from Publisher Forever Entertainment and developer Storm Trident:



About the game:

FRONT MISSION 2 blends intense strategy with a deep and involved storyline.

12 years have passed since the second Huffman conflict. The impoverished People’s Republic of Alordesh has been suffering a severe economic decline ever since the war ended. In June 2102, soldiers of the Alordesh Army rise up and, led by Ven Mackarge, declare independence from the O.C.U. (Oceania Cooperative Union).

Ash, an O.C.U. soldier, manages to survive the ensuing battle, but Alordesh is completely overrun by the Revolutionary Army. Ash and his surviving teammates infiltrate Alordesh’s chaotic underground in an attempt to escape the country. However, they soon discover that there is a huge conspiracy behind the coup.

In FRONT MISSION 2, the perspective switches between three characters: Ash, Lisa, and Thomas, creating a worldview that goes beyond a simple dichotomy between good and evil.

FRONT MISSION 2: Remake preserves the mature story, strategic turn-based combat, and Wanzer customization options of the original. Enjoy the revitalized classic with updated visuals and new features and enhancements!

Key Features

  • Support for many new languages.
  • New “free camera” option to zoom in during gameplay and check out Wanzers in detail.
  • Modern in-game effects.
  • Renewed soundtrack.

Front Mission 2: Remake will launch for Nintendo Switch on June 12.