Gatebox developer is trying to integrate ChatGPT on their virtual waifu

Gatebox developer is developing ChatGPT integration on their device with promising results that improve the AI of their virtual tool.

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The Gatebox device developer recently showcased on his Twitter account the integration of the AI tool called ChatGPT and its compatibility with their anime-inspired virtual assistant device.

According to the tweet by the developer, when he tried to connect the Gatebox device with ChatGPT, it yielded promising results. Not only it was compatible with the device, Hikari, their flagship character can now also hold tons of possible conversations with you while retaining some of her original personality traits as intended.

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI that was launched back in 2022, and it analyzes your data prompts to provide the best possible answers to your conversation and learns based on the data that was provided to it. Currently, the integration of ChatGPT in the Gatebox device is in development as there are still tons of challenges in fully implementing the ChatGPT in Gatebox since the API for the AI tool was just released a week ago. Regardless of the hurdles, the developer is currently pursuing the full integration of this new tool for Gatebox, with his progress being shown on his Twitter account. 

For those who’re not familiar with Gatebox, it’s a virtual assistant that works similarly to Amazon’s Alexa, featuring their flagship character Hikari. It also features other characters like Hatsune Miku, but recently they discontinued their AI service for their device, blocking some special features on the said device. So it’s good news for Gatebox owners that there’s a good chance now that their waifus will return to life with the integration of ChatGPT. 

Source: Reddit