Honkai: Star Rail launches for PC, iOS, and Android on April 26

Another big title from miHoYo coming next month!

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Another big title from miHoYo coming next month!

Free-to-play space fantasy RPG Honkai: Star Rail will launch for PC via the Epic Games Store, iOS via App Store, and Android via Google Play on April 26, with PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles launching a later date.

You can pre-register here and participate in the game’s goals to reach a set number of in-game rewards. All the Honkai Star Rail pre-registration rewards can be seen below:

  • 500,000 pre-registrations – 50,000 Credits.
  • 1 million pre-registrations – x3 Star Rail Passes.
  • 2 million pre-registrations – Avatar (Trailblazer Welcome).
  • 3.5 million pre-registrations – Serval, a 4-Star Lighting character from The Erudition Path.
  • 5 million pre-registrations – x15 Star Rail Passes.

More about the game, from miHoYo:

Honkai: Star Rail, the brand-new space fantasy RPG, will be officially available on PC, Epic Games Store, iOS, and Android on April 26, 2023. Meanwhile, the Boarding Preparation Special Program confirmed the title’s PlayStation version is under development, foreshadowing the exquisitely grand universe where more Trailblazers are welcomed to explore by boarding the Astral Express.

Honkai: Star Rail is a brand-new space fantasy RPG title with a journey through immense worlds of the unknown. The game features fantasy elements with myths and legends integrated into the space sci-fi story. Combined with the intuitive turn-based combat system, large maps with maze exploration, and immersive storylines that together compose an interstellar melody filled with surprises and rewarding experiences, that echo throughout the universe!

Implanted with a Stellaron, the protagonist bravely set sail for the galaxy to drill down to the truth surrounding the so-called Cancer of All Worlds. Players will able to experience a vast universe abundant in distinctive cultures, landscapes, and scenery. From Herta Space Station where the story starts and you receive the prerequisite knowledge for the forthcoming journey, to Jarilo-VI where numerous dangers and conflicts are frozen beneath the snow, to the eastern-fantasy-infused silkpunk flagship Xianzhou Luofu where the topic of immortality is the cause of both development and strife.

To embrace the upcoming official release, Honkai: Star Rail confirmed its availability on PlayStation, which will be launched later in addition to the current iOS, Android, Epic Games Store, and PC platforms. As the first time, Honkai: Star Rail‘s PlayStation version gameplay was showcased to grant a peak at the extradentary astral adventure lies ahead. More information and release schedule of Honkai: Star Rail‘s PlayStation version will be updated later.

The Boarding Preparation Special Program also contained other useful information. Multiple rewards and in-game bonuses, such as 40 Star Rail Passes and 1600 Stellar Jade by reaching certain Trailblaze Levels, will come in handy and gear up players’ arsenals from the get-go. Several documentaries were previewed as well, showcasing exclusive footage where the development team and experts uncover behind-the-scenes stories of Honkai: Star Rail, such as the ideation of Xianzhou Luofu, the integration between eastern elements and sci-fi philosophies, and more fun facts about our vast and magnificent galaxy.

Honkai: Star Rail will be officially released on PC, Epic Games Store, iOS, and Android on April 26, 2023. Its PlayStation 4 and 5 versions is sill under development and will release at a later date.

Again, you can You can pre-register for the game here!