How to Play Gekko In Valorant | Lessons from a professional coach

Private coach and IGL of Eximius Pro, Zowui, recently shared his thoughts on Gekko, the newest agent in Valorant.

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Valorant has welcomed a new agent to its roster, Gekko. Gekko is an initiator, which means that he is designed to set up his teammates for success by making fights more advantageous, gathering information, or creating space. What makes Gekko stand out from other initiators is his ability to do all of these things and more.

Private coach and IGL of Eximius Pro, Zowui, has shared his thoughts on this exciting new addition. Here’s what he has to say: 

Gekko’s abilities are split into three categories: recon, skirmishing, and damage control. His C ability is called Mosh Pit, and it allows him to equip a grenade that duplicates upon landing and explodes after a short delay, dealing 150 damage in the center of the pit. The size of the molly is twice the size of normal ones, making it the biggest molly in the game. This ability is similar to KAY/O’s grenade and is perfect for clearing out spaces and risky areas.

Gekko’s Q ability is called Wingman, which sends out a little bro to seek out enemies and unleash a concussive blast toward any enemy he sees. The interesting part is that Wingman can also be sent out to plant or defuse the spike, making it a versatile ability that can be used in a variety of situations. Wingman turns into an orb that can be retrieved and used again after a short cooldown.

Gekko’s E ability is Dizzy, which allows him to soar through the air and shoot plasma at any enemies in his line of sight, blinding them for a certain amount of time. Like Wingman, Dizzy turns into an orb that can be retrieved and used again after a short cooldown. This ability is similar to Reyna’s Leer, and it is incredibly powerful on executes, providing both recon and flash capabilities.

Finally, Gekko’s ultimate ability is called Thrash, which equips Thrash and allows him to lunge into enemies, exploding and detaining them. Like Wingman and Dizzy, picking up Thrash’s orb allows you to use the ultimate one more time in the same round.

Overall, Gekko’s abilities make him a versatile skirmisher that allows him to set up his teammates to take fights in almost any area. Having Thrash and Mosh Pit allows him to clear spaces and risky areas, and even having Wingman allows him to plant the spike without any risk. Gekko takes over roles like KAY/O where it makes sense to play him, but he’s not strong enough to be put in that area. Similarly, most of his abilities seem to soar in the air much more frequently, imitating Fade’s Haunt gameplay. This makes it so that the majority of his abilities, you don’t need lineups for. You can wing it as much as needed. 

He is perfect for maps like Icebox and Pearl, where he can clear spaces and create skirmishes, but he also works well on maps like Haven and Ascent, where he can relieve areas of the map that need to be taken as space.

Gekko is a fun and bubbly addition to the Valorant roster, and his abilities make him a valuable asset to any team. His ability to do all three identities of an initiator, along with his versatile abilities, makes him a must-try for any Valorant player.