Lush teams up with The Super Mario Bros. Movie for Mario-themed bath bombs and more

    These ? Block bath bombs come with a special surprise inside!


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    Popular cosmetics company Lush recently teamed up with The Super Mario Bros. Movie for a special collection featuring bath bombs and more to help Mario fans get squeaky clean ahead of the film’s upcoming release.

    While Lush is a purveyor of shampoos, creams, and more, they are perhaps best known for bath bombs which transform your bathtub (if you have one) into an instant bubble bath.

    For this collab, Lush has a Question Block bath bomb that, when chucked into your bathtub, reveals a special item. There are six items that you can get, including a Mini Mushroom Power Up, Ice Flower Power Up, Big Mushroom Power Up, Star Power Up, and Fire Flower Power Up.

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    If bath bombs aren’t your thing (or if you don’t have a bathtub like most of us here in the PH), Lush also has a selection of shower gels, jellies, and a body spray to help you feel good and smell good.

    There are two shower gels: one Mario-themed and one Luigi-inspired. Meanwhile, the shower jellies are inspired by Princess Peach and Bowser, respectively. Finally, Princess Peach is the theme of the fruity body spray.

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    This Lush x The Super Mario Bros. Movie collection is available now in select countries. Meanwhile, Japanese fans will be able to get their hands on the collab on April 14.

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    From the looks of it, Lush Philippines doesn’t carry this collab. Fingers-crossed for a release here though.

    Source: PR Times via SoraNews24

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