Megaman X DiVE adds Devil May Cry’s Dante and Vergil outfits

Megaman X DiVE x DMC gives Megaman X and Zero a new look as they don Dante and Vergil outfits via this special collab.

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Megaman X DiVE grants its two main characters the power of legendary demon hunters Dante and Vergil via their ongoing special collab with Devil May Cry 5.

Megaman X dons the red coat of Dante from Devil May Cry, complete with his demon hunting gears the Ebony and Ivory, as well as his sword Rebellion granting X a form called X Dante Trigger.

Meanwhile, Zero will obtain more power with his new form called Zero Vergil Trigger which will not only grant him a new look and a new sword, but also allow him to utilize the Son of Sparda’s moveset, including Vergil’s Judgement Cut End (Dimension Slash). 

To gain access to these new forms, players must acquire the event’s Collab capsule. But you better be quick as the event will end on March 22, 2023.

The Megaman X DiVE x DMC event is only available on the Asia, Japan, and Taiwanese servers. It can be downloaded for free on your iOS, and Android devices, and is also available on the PC via Steam.