Netflix shares teaser poster for upcoming Korean series ‘Black Knight’

Netflix recently shared a teaser poster for Black Knight, an upcoming Korean series Kim Woo-bin and directed by Cho Ui-Seok.

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Black Knight is Netflix’s upcoming Korean series that will premiere in the second quarter of 2023.

This upcoming Netflix series may not have a trailer yet, but the teaser poster does give us a sense of what to expect. Plus, Netflix also explained the series’ premise as:

The series follows the journey of refugee Sa-wol, and the legendary deliveryman 5-8, as he takes on the all-powerful Cheonmyeong Group in a dystopian version of Korea. The country is ravaged by extreme air pollution, rendering it uninhabitable without an oxygen mask.  

Check out the teaser poster here:

In this teaser poster, we get a sight at the series’ grim setting were the world is completely engulfed in sand. Here, brave deliverymen who are also known as black knights keep society running as they deliver oxygen and necessities to the 1% of the population that has survived through the extreme desertification.

The poster also shows a deliveryman who seems to be the legendary 5-8 walking away from a truck.

If the premise seems familiar, you’re not alone as the show is very much reminiscent of Death Stranding. After all, the premise of deliverymen being key to keeping a post-apocalyptic society running is very much like Kojima’s 2019 game. And just because of that, we’re very much interested in this upcoming show.

As for its cast, Kim Woo-bin plays the legendary deliveryman, a.k.a ‘5-8’, Song Seung-heon as the heir to the Cheonmyeong Group, Kang You-seok as a boy who dreams of becoming a deliveryman ,and Esom as the Defense Intelligence Command major.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at Kim Woo-bin as 5-8 which was revealed by Netflix previously:

Netflix’s Black Knight will premiere in the second quarter of 2023 only on Netflix.