OPPO releases mobile ecosystem, pledges carbon neutrality at MWC

At this year's MWC, OPPO came out swinging with a new flagship phone, and a new lineup of items in its mobile ecosystem that stole the show.

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At this year’s MWC, OPPO came out swinging with a quirky new flagship phone, as well as a new lineup of items in its mobile ecosystem stole the show.

Based on four internal Smart Initiatives: smart entertainment, smart productivity, smart health, and smart learning; OPPO brought out a number of technological breakthroughs to the event, providing more ways to empower smart, connected experiences in the future.

The OPPO Wi-Fi 6 Router AX5400, based on the Qualcomm Immersive Home 216 Platform, is OPPO’s first Wi-Fi router product, supporting the Wi-Fi 6 AX5400 standard, and is capable of providing a 2.4GHz+5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi signal at the same time. This ensures Wi-Fi with wider coverage, enhanced stability, and faster speeds–all with an elegant design.


OPPO Zero-Power Tag is the first prototype device based on OPPO Zero-power Communication technology. Leveraging key technologies such as RF signal harvesting, backscattering, and low-power computing, it harvests radio waves from the surrounding area to power its own functionality and communicate battery-free in order to meet the diverse needs of IoT in the coming 6G era. This is the first time that OPPO has demonstrated the OPPO Zero-Power Tag’s capabilities in item identification and positioning, and data collection from temperature sensors, both powered by RF energy.


OPPO is also showcasing its extensive achievements across other Smart Initiatives, such as OPPO’s first self-developed flagship Bluetooth audio SoC, MariSilicon Y, the new-generation, ultra-light AR glasses, OPPO Air Glass 2, OPPO’s first family health monitor concept device OHealth H1, and OPPO’s first end-to-end power management chip SUPERVOOC S, etc.

In line with this release, Tony Chen, OPPO Founder and CEO, comments on OPPO’s commitment to publicly disclose its plans and practical progress towards sustainability goals.  

“Achieving our goal of becoming carbon neutral will require both determination and patience. Guided by our mission of ‘Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World’, we promise to pursue carbon neutrality with the same zeal and commitment that we invest in our technological innovation.”

Given their planned roadmap, and their new releases in support of a greener future, OPPO is already well on the way to achieving its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. Great news. Major props.

As the days of MWC wind down, we look forward to what else OPPO has in store for us towards the end of the week.

More info on the release of these OPPO mobile ecosystem products will be revealed soon.