vivo V27 Series: Your New Portable Studio

The vivo V27 promises to be the new Photography Studio in your Pocket that makes it a perfect match for a snapshot-loving Gen Z user.

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Before, large cameras and a proper studio setup are a requirement for taking great portrait shots. But now, with the advent of more advanced smartphone cameras, users who love taking portrait photos (especially younger folks) now have more options.

Of course, not all phones are designed for the best portraits, especially at night. After all lots of light is needed to capture high-quality portrait photos, and that’s something you likely won’t get outdoors in low light.

Enter the vivo V27, a smartphone that promises to be the new Photography Studio in your Pocket that makes it a perfect match for a snapshot-loving Gen Z user. This is thanks to the phone’s innovative Aura Portrait Algorithm as well as its impressive camera array.

Introducing the Aura Portrait Algorithm

The vivo V series phones have always featured good cameras for portrait photography. But now, the new vivo V27 promises to be the best one yet, enough that it’s billed as a portable studio. This is thanks in large part to its Aura Portrait Algorithm.

As mentioned above, having proper lighting is key for any portrait photo. While there are many phones that can take good portraits in outdoor daytime conditions, most devices are not great when it comes to night portrait capabilities. That’s not the case with the new V27 though as it features what looks like a mini ring light.

With its Aura Light module, the phone automatically detects low ambient light and smartly adds brightness for great portrait photos.

To activate it, there’s a fairly simple process. First, just open the pphone’scamera app, then go to the Portrait tab. There, just click the Style icon on the right side and choose Flash Portrait.

With this feature selected, it’s recommended to use 1x zoom for the best results. With this activated, you can now take advantage of the phone’s unique camera feature.

When shooting in low light, you can still take impressive portrait photos with this feature. Aside from lighting up your subject perfectly, the powerful flash also means the portraits produce a clean background blur effect, even in extremely low light. Check out some sample shots here which compare three portrait styles:



As you can see, the Flash Portrait feature of the Aura Portrait Algorithm system makes for high-quality and dramatic photos that are perfect for your portrait needs.

Meanwhile, here are some more Flash Portrait samples that show off the impressive bokeh effect that you can get:

What makes the Aura Portrait Algorithm even better is that its bokeh effect has a natural blur, meaning you can even get creative with background light effects. For instance, some of the photos above were taken in dark environments but with some bright background lights. The Aura Portrait Algorithm smartly added enough flash to light the subject, all while making an eye-catching background blur effect on the lights.

Of course, low-light portraits aren’t the only thing you can do with this phone. The camera also has lots of other Portrait style options that you can choose from. Here are some sample shots of more Portraits, this time in bright lighting conditions:

As you can see, the phone is also great for daytime Portraits as the phone’s image processing and the main EYE AF logging camera are a great combo.

With these results, the vivo V27 is an excellent partner for users who love to take portraits. Though take note that the phone’s cameras are also great for a wide variety of photography styles.

SONY IMX 766V Sensor and OIS + EIS Dual Ultra Stabilization for Impressive Photos and Videos

The vivo V27 is equipped with a Sony IMX766V sensor that packs OIS + EIS Dual Ultra Stabilization. This sensor promises to deliver great photos in a wide variety of shooting conditions. And in our time with the V27, it did not disappoint.

Here’s a look at some sample photos from the phone’s main camera taken at daytime and nighttime outdoors, as well as indoors:

The daytime photos are of excellent quality, and the Night Mode shots are also bright and retain a lot of detail. This is thanks to the Optical Image stabilization that the main camera has. While OIS might seem like something that’s made more for videos, it helps out a lot when taking low-light shots as it minimizes shakiness for a sharper night photo.

On top of OIS, the phone’s camera also has Electronic Image Stabilization. With this, the phone is incredibly useful for moving videos as you can see here:

OIS+EIS is a strong combo for stable videos which, on top of the Eye AF vlogging camera main camera’s good quality videos make the vivo V27 a capable partner for any and every vlogger.

Eye AF vlogging camera for Excellent Selfies

For budding vloggers, having a good front camera on a phone is also a requirement. After all, taking videos of yourself is much easier to do with a phone’s selfie cam.

In this regard, the vivo V27 does not disappoint when it comes to its front shooter. This is because vivo packed the phone with an EYE AF selfie shooter. Just check out some sample shots here:

As you can see in the low-light selfies above, the phone does not need much light in order to capture high-quality selfies. Even the phone’s display serves up enough light to greatly capture facial details in selfies. You can even tune the AI beautification to your liking for the perfect social media snap.

Plus, the portrait mode also works well with the selfie shooter, meaning you can take near-studio-level night portraits even with the front camera.

As you may have expected, the quality selfies also mean the V27’s front camera videos are also impressive, making it a nice partner for hobbyist vloggers as well as pro content creators who need a phone that they can use for videos in a pinch.

Striking Looks and Display

vivo introduced the color-changing Photochromic technology last year with its V-series devices. This color-changing feature makes a comeback in the new V27, and it might be even better.

For starters, the phone’s Emerald Green colorway is already impressive on its own with its attractive, nearly marble-like look. But when you shine some natural light on it for a while, it changes color to a deeper green hue. Essentially, you get two colors in one here, not to mention that you can get creative with the photochromic effect.

Moving to the front, the V27 has a large 6.78-inch display with a 3D curved screen. Phones with 3D curved screens are typically found in flagship devices, so it’s nice to see such an elegant and premium display style in a phone that’s in the mid-range segment.

Aside from looking good, the curved edge screen also has an FHD+ resolution. Plus, the display is AMOLED, meaning it outputs incredibly vibrant colors and deep blacks – perfect if you love binge-watching movies and shows on your phone.

Strong Performance and Battery Life

The vivo V27 is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7200 4nm processor which is a capable SoC that can easily run all the daily apps you need with ease. Aside from offering fast performance for everyday use, the Dimensity 7200 processor also works well for gaming. For instance, you can run today’s popular FPS and MOBAs with ease using the phone based on our tests. These include games like Wild Rift, Call of Duty Mobile, and more.

What also helps performance-wise is the 12GB of RAM which should be more than enough for your multitasking needs. And to ensure the phone is still fast and snappy for longer, the phone has vivo’s extended RAM feature which adds up to 20GB of dynamic RAM on demand by utilizing the internal storage as extra memory.

As for battery life, the V27 won’t disappoint thanks to its 4600mAh battery, meaning this phone should easily last for a day (or even more) on a single charge.

Plus, if you do need to charge, the phone has 66W fast charging with its included charger. This means the V27 can charge to 50% in just 19 minutes, giving you hours of use in just a couple of minutes of top-up.

vivo V27 Price and Availability in the Philippines + Freebies

Thanks to the phone’s Aura Portrait Algorithm, the new vivo V27 might just be one of the best phones in its segment that you can get when it comes to capturing portraits, especially at night. This, combined with the Sony IMX766V sensor and its 50MP main camera gives the V27 lots of flexibility for taking photos and videos, meaning it truly lives up to its “Portable Studio in Your Pocket” identity.

Aside from being your portable studio, the V27 also has an eye-catching design, a seriously good display, great performance, and long battery life. All of these make for a compelling new mid-range phone, especially at its PHP 24,999 price tag.

Interested in getting your own V27? This upcoming Studio in your Pocket will be launched in the Philippines soon. More updates will be shared very soon, so make sure to visit the vivo official website, and follow vivo PH’s official pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.