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    Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is giving away fan-favorite cards to celebrate series’ 25th Anniversary

    Fan favorites such as Dark Magician Girl will be given away for free!


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    To celebrate the trading card game’s upcoming 25th anniversary, Konami announced that Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links will give away fan-favorite cards for free in game!

    Specifically, duelists can log in to the mobile and PC game during the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game’s 25th Anniversary Campaign to acquire a bunch of birthday goodies for free. These goodies include the Prismatic Rarity editions of fan-favorite cards Dark Magician Girl and Magic Cylinder, as well as other in-game items.

    Specifically, here are all the log-in gifts Duelists can receive during the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game 25th Anniversary Campaign:

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    • 1 Dark Magician Girl card (Prismatic)
    • 1 Magic Cylinder card (Prismatic)
    • 1 Character Unlock Ticket
    • A total of 1000 Gems
    • 1 UR Dream Ticket (Normal Foil)
    • 1 UR Ticket (Prismatic)
    • 1 SR Ticket (Prismatic)
    • Game Mat and Card Sleeves with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game 25th Anniversary Campaign design

    In case you’re unfamiliar, Duel Links is a free-to-play digital version of the iconic trading card game, and it was released back in 2017 worldwide on iOS, Android, and Windows PC. While last year’s Master Duel may have taken over the spotlight after its launch, Duel Links is still going strong thank to its unique twists on the original mechanics.

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    The Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game’s 25th anniversary will be officially celebrated on February 4, 2024. While it’s still a year away, the franchise has now begun counting down to the major milestone with events such as these.

    For more info on the 25th anniversary event for Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, visit the official website.

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