10,000,000 Pre-registrations achieved! Ragnarok Origin officially launched today!

Ragnarok Origin has finally been launched, and the Kafra staff are eager to welcome all adventurers with open arms!

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Explore the world of Ragnarok Origin and cross paths with other adventurers! This game is the official sequel to the MMORPG Ragnarok Online and is published by Gravity Game Hub. Ragnarok Origin is now available on Apple Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, OPPO App Market, and PC.

Ragnarok Origin has achieved a remarkable milestone of 10 million pre-registrations on April 5th, unlocking all special rewards for all players. Adventurers, log in and claim the rewards now!

A seamless blend of classic RO elements with innovation and tradition

Ragnarok Origin builds upon the beloved classic elements of its predecessor and incorporates core gameplay that adventurers have enjoyed for years. In addition to the perfect re-creation of the Midgard continent, the game offers a diverse job system starting with six major classes. The graphics, combat, and social features in Ragnarok Origin are significantly superior than before, paving the way for an exciting era.

Ragnarok Origin retains Ragnarok’s lore while taking a bold step forward in re-inventing traditional MMOs. Battles can now be affected by weather conditions, and the outcome of quests may be influenced by plot choices. Additionally, Midgard has unique enemies and scenarios that can be encountered both during the day and at night. By joining a party and taking on challenging bosses together, adventurers can experience the joy of collective effort while taking down powerful foes through the game’s innovative guild system.

As part of Ragnarok Origin’s exciting multiplayer experience, players will find a new pet and mount system to accompany them on their adventures. To aid adventurers in their journey, the game offers a pity system, to help players acquire cards and refine equipment. Additionally, the MVP boss system offers adventurers the opportunity to obtain rare in-game items!

Ragnarok Origin marks Southeast Asia’s release of the game.

To celebrate the official release of Ragnarok Origin, adventurers in Southeast Asia can visit specific landmarks to see the cute and lovable characters in real life. These can be located in the following: BTS and CentralWorld in Thailand, SM Mall of Asia in Philippines, IMBI Plaza in Malaysia, and Mall Taman Anggrek in Indonesia. Players will be able to check in at these locations, take photos, and join Ragnarok Origin on a new fantasy adventure. Stay tuned for more upcoming on-ground events!

In celebration of the game’s release, Ragnarok Origin official Facebook page has arranged a special event, “Server Opening Presents”. From April 6th to April 19th, players can share their experiences with Ragnarok Origin in the comments section for a chance to win HyperX gaming keyboards and mouses, iQIYI monthly VIP and other valuable prizes. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Ragnarok Origin has finally been released, and the Kafra staff are eager to welcome all adventurers with open arms! Download and log in to the game now to unlock numerous rewards! Our magical journey to the Midgard continent awaits you!

To stay updated with the latest events and information related to Ragnarok Origin, be sure to follow the Discord community and Facebook page!

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