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SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    CONQuest Festival 2023 announces impressive lineup of guests

    This is CONQuest Festival's complete 2023 guest lineup, unless we get even more (fingers-crossed).


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    Reunite in Seal M

    CONQuest Festival 2023 just announced its complete lineup of guests with the reveal of the third wave of content creators and personalities that are coming to the PH soon.

    That is unless CONQuest has even more surprises in store for us! If there are, we’ll make sure to update this article to reflect them.

    But for now, here is the complete list of guests, starting with the first wave:

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    • The Rose
    • Valkyrae
    • James Reid
    • Fuslie
    • Kyedae
    • AnthonyChenn
    • Atsu
    • Tuonto
    • BTMC
    • Tsikyo
    • Bao the Whale
    • Maggiekarp
    • Razzie Binx
    • Charess
    • Hunghang Flashbacks
    • Sskait
    • Little Things
    • Aeonix
    • Libreng Komix

    Next, we have the second wave which includes:

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    • Sykkuno
    • Newt
    • Lily Ki
    • Michael Reeves
    • AriaSaki
    • Igumdrop
    • Khoi Dao (VA of Albedo, Genshin Impact)
    • Laura Stahl (VA of Alear, Fire Emblem)
    • Vanille Velasquez (VA of Neon, Valorant)
    • Sean Chiplock (VA of Subaru, Re:Zero)
    • Seapeekay (Minecraft SMP Creator)
    • Cory Yee (VA of Garou, Genshin Impact)

    Finally, here’s the third wave of guests:

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    • Pokimane
    • Shoto
    • Spicyuuu
    • Ian of Hyper Potions
    • JoeyTheAnimeMan
    • AkiDearest
    • EchoPH
    • Adam McArthur (VA of Yuji, Jujutsu Kaisen)
    • Anne Yatco (VA of Raiden Shogun, Genshin Impact)
    • Ratana (VA of Yae Miko, Genshin Impact)
    • JohnSeki
    • Demenishki
    • Byoru
    • Yvonnie
    • James Landino
    • KrisRey

    While we were already impressed by last year’s lineup, the CONQuest Festival 2023 guests lineup blows last year’s out of the water as there are so many well-known creators here for Pinoy geeks and gamers to meet. After all, not only do you have some of the biggest Twitch streamers here, but you also have a laundry list of popular voice actors, artists, YouTubers, and many more.

    CONQuest Festival 2023 is happening on June 2-4 and will happen at the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.

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    Nicolo Manaloto
    Nicolo Manaloto
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