E3 2023 is now officially canceled

E3 2023 is now officially canceled following multiple companies' announcement of skipping this year's in-person video game expo.

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The last straw has been drawn, as E3 2023 (Electronic Entertainment Expo 2023) is now officially canceled following the news that SEGA and Level Infinite will skip this year’s video game expo last week. But before that cancelation, another major exhibitor Ubisoft also declared they won’t be making their promised appearance in the event but decided to hold their own showcase in June instead.

Now that all of these publishers decided to bring their showcase elsewhere, it left this year’s E3 organizers ESA and ReedPop to make the difficult decision to cancel the major video game expo.

As confirmed by IGN and later followed by a Twitter post from E3 2023’s Twitter account, ESA (Entertainment Software Association) and ReedPop has now confirmed that both Physical and Digital events of E3 2023, are now canceled. ESA via an email to IGN stated that it was a hard decision to pull the plug on E3’s supposed comeback, but due to circumstances that leads to this event they had to make the best decision for the industry to cancel the upcoming event. They are very sorry for those who committed to making E3 2023 happen but appreciate them as they only want to make a memorable experience that they expected from ReedPop. They also added that ReedPop and ESA, will continue working together and discuss the future of E3.

The four-day event was supposed to be held from June 13 – June 16, 2023, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’s then most likely the reason why E3 2023 was canceled is due to multiple companies pulling out of the said event with Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft making their statement that they won’t be attending the said event, with Sony skipping the event over a couple of years.

Due to the pandemic, E3 2020 was canceled following that year while E3 2021 was held as a virtual event. Meanwhile, E3 2022, was supposed to be an in-person event but was also launched as a virtual event instead due to the ongoing pandemic.

Source: IGN via animenewsnetwork