SEGA Etrian Odyssey
SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    Goddess of Victory: NIKKE welcomes spring with Cherry Blossom update

    NIKKE's Cherry Blossom update adds a new SSR character, Sakura!


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    Reunite in Seal M

    GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE, the popular action mobile game title published by Level Infinite is now in full bloom this year with its Cherry Blossom Update. Players can look forward to a new SSR NIKKE along with new events and other in-game content.

    GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE introduces a new SSR character, Sakura. Serving the underworld queen, Sakura guides the organization Seimeikai, helping establish a reputation for its honorable conduct. As part of your squad, Sakura brings this principle into battle, providing support for allies, while dishing out damage with her long-range sniper rifle.

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    Sakura (SSR)

    • Class: Supporter
    • Weapon: SR: Ichigenkin
    • Manufacturer: Tetra Line
    • Affiliation: Underworld Queen
    • Availability: March 30, 2023 to April 13, 2023

    Just like the previous NIKKE releases, an in-game event focusing on Sakura’s story is also coming with the Cherry Blossom Update. Along with a special story quest, players can enjoy a 7-day Login event with more daily rewards that players can obtain.

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    NIKKEs are in rehabilitation and they need your help. The Cherry Blossom patch also brings the Liberation System update 5.1,with the much awaited NIKKE, Nihilister.

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    Nihilister will only be available through Liberation and cannot be obtained by any other recruitment modes. Players must also first complete main line quest 20-31 and complete at least one NIKKE rehabilitation to gain access to the new Liberation characters so be sure to get grinding. Players can access the Liberation game mode through the Liberation Button on the upper left corner of the Character page or access via the Elevator in the Ark Outpost.

    To learn more about GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE, visit the official website, of follow their Facebook page for news and updates.

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