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    Heavenly Delusion: Where to Watch in Asia, North America, Europe, and More

    Heavenly Delusion is an under-the-radar anime series that you should definitely put on your watch list!


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    Spring 2023 is stacked with lots of exciting anime, including Heavenly Delusion, an under-the-radar series that you should definitely watch!

    While it may not be as hyped as the likes of Demon Slayer and Dr. Stone, Heavenly Delusion is based on a well-received manga series and is animated by the well-known studio Production I.G. Plus, it features an interesting post-apocalyptic setting with an intriguing story.

    Most anime of this season are available on various platforms, but Heavenly Delusion is different as Disney has acquired the exclusive streaming rights for the show, meaning Disney-owned platforms are the ones streaming the series’ new episodes every week.

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    Where to Watch Heavenly Delusion in Asia

    In Asia, Heavenly Delusion is streaming exclusively on Disney+. Specifically, it’s available in the Philippines (as we can confirm) as well as in other Southeast Asian countries.

    Take note that the anime is titled “Tengoku Daimakyo” (its Japanese name) on Disney+, so make sure you search for this title instead of “Heavenly Delusion” if it’s not recommended on your home page.

    Where to Watch Tengoku Daimakyo in the US, Europe, and Latin America

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    Meanwhile, fans in the US can watch Heavenly Delusion on HULU (as it’s partly owned by Disney). Countries in Europe can watch the series on Disney+, much like in Asia.

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    Though for fans in Latin America, the series is streaming new episodes every week on Star+, another Disney-owned platform.

    As with the Disney+ release, Heavenly Delusion is titled “Tengoku Daimakyo” on Hulu and Star+, so take note of this when looking the anime up.

    Heavenly Delusion is based on the sci-fi mystery manga of the same name by Masakazu Ishiguro. The series has been serialized on Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon since January 2018.

    The series’ premise is described as:

    In the year 2024, grotesque monsters lurk amongst the ruins of Japan, while remaining people scrape together what they can to survive. Kiruko accepts a mysterious woman’s dying wish to take a boy named Maru to a place called Heaven.

    Aside from acquiring streaming rights for certain anime shows, Disney+ is also working on several anime titles, including one that fuses live-action and animation.

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