Honkai Star Rail is holding a special event on April 30, giving everyone 10 Star Rail special passes.

Now's your chance to pull Seele for free!

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In celebration of the successful launch of Honkai Star Rail, Hoyoverse will be having a “Departure Festival” event today, April 30, 2023.

Check out the tweet below, coming from CEO Da Wei:

“What’s going on Trailblazers? It’s Da Wei here to say thank you for getting aboard the Astral Express. In the past two days, Honkai Star Rail has been getting exceptional reception in all corners of the world. I would like to thank you all for being on this journey with us on behalf of the Honkai Star Rail team, seeing the stars and exploring the galaxy aboard the Astral Express! 

“Naturally, our gratitude cannot just be expressed with words. There should be gifts as well,” the CEO continues, perking up the ears of free-to-play players everywhere. “Therefore, we will be holding a Departure Festival on the night of April 30 for all of you, as well as giving out 10 Star Rail Special Passes to everyone as thanks. We hope you will enjoy the experience. It is our wish that everyone can continue to explore the vast expanse, to blaze the trail of your own story. May this journey lead us starward.” 

Honkai Star Rail Departure Festival will stream on April 30, 2023, at 7:30 PM in the Philippines (UTC +8). It will be a livestream event where you can watch some musical performances based on the game’s soundtrack, which is quite an easy and chill listen to be really honest. You can check out the event on the aforementioned time on their YouTube and Twitch platforms.

Alternatively, you can check it out below when it happens!

Perhaps most importantly, the entire Honkai Star Rail gaming community will be rewarded with a total of 10 Star Rail Special Passes on this special occasion. To get these tickets, you just need to log in during the event on April 30 and check your in- game mailbox to redeem it.


Can I just emphasize that you might to get those 10 special passes today for 2 reasons – one is that these special resources are really hard to come by especially if you are going free-to-play. Secondly, there’s a banner up now for Seele – the first featured character in the game and is probably the most desirable waifu to get.

Based on her kit, she is a very high single-target Quantum damage and crit dealer that has a passive Resurgence trait that acts as a “go again”, taking another turn whenever she eliminates an opponent, which can also serve as a pseudo AOE if you think about it.

So if you get the 10 special passes, plus another 10 you can normally grab from the daily log-ins and resource conversion shenanigans, you potentially have 20+ pulls for the chance to get Seele this weekend. May the RNG be in your favor! And do let us know in the comments when you got that sweet pull.

Honkai Star Rail is available to download for free now for PC, Android and iOS devices.