Hololive fighting game ‘Idol Showdown’ will launch for free on Steam

Idol Showdown, a fan-made Hololive fighting game, will be free on Steam this May featuring eight Hololive Idols, including Kiryu Coco.

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Idol Showdown, a Hololive Fighting game, is soon coming to the PC via Steam next month. Specifically, the game will be released on May 6, 2023 at GMT +8.

The fan-made fighting game by Besto Game Team will have eight roster fighters (Idols), all from the Hololive JP, including the now-graduated Kiryu Coco of HoloJP Gen 5.

Based from the preview, Coco’s moveset takes advantage of her long reach with her tail and throws, but she will implore the help of her best friend Amane Kanata by using her deadly grip.  

The full list of playable characters are as follow:  

  • Tokino Sora
  • Hoshimachi Suisei
  • Aki Rosenthal
  • Inugami Korone
  • Nakiri Ayame
  • Shirakami Fubuki
  • Shishiro Botan
  • Kiryu Coco

Although the game took two years to develop, Idol Showdown is not an official game made by Cover Corp. or Hololive production, much like the popular Holocure game. The fan-made fighting game will feature easy controls, online game modes, and a full 2D style of presentation recreating the look Hololive VTubers featured in the game.  

Idol Showdown is made by fans, for fans, thus the game will release on Steam for free on May 6, 2023 GMT +8 (May 5, 2023). Meanwhile, there is also an official horror game called hololive ERROR that is also available on Steam for the PC.