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    Oshi no Ko voice actress Rie Takahashi peforms Ai Hoshino’s B-Komachi dance

    In case you needed more reasons to love Rie Takahashi!


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    To celebrate the show’s premiere, the official Oshi no Ko YouTube channel released a new video featuring Ai Hoshino voice actress Rie Takahashi dancing to a B-Komachi song.

    Rie Takahashi is probably one of the most well-known voice actresses in the anime industry (and one of our favorites), and fans will likely know that she’s a good singer. And now, she’s showing off her great dancing skills.

    Watch the video here in case you haven’t yet, or if you needed even more reason to love her:

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    While Oshi no Ko is not your typical idol anime, the series did three original songs which are billed as songs by Ai Hoshino’s idol gropup, B-Komachi. Though in reality, these Oshi no Ko songs are all sung by Rie Takahashi.

    Specifically, there are three songs which will be released as singles beginning this July:

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    • Sign as B
    • HEART’s♡KISS

    As a bonus, the show’s official YouTube channel also released official dance videos (not unlike K-Pop dance practice videos) for the three songs here:

    Oshi no Ko is a new anime series that premiere last week, and it quickly got a lot of buzz following the feature-length first episode. If for some reason you haven’t seen it yet, we give it our highest recommendation, and it’ll be better to watch it blind so you don’t get spoiled.

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    New episodes of Oshi no Ko are released every Wednesday, with the show being streamed on different platforms depending on the region. In the PH, the anime is streamed on Netflix. Find out more about where to watch it here:

    Oshi no Ko: Where to Watch in Asia, North America, Europe, and More

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