3 Reasons why you should consider playing Seal-M

Revisiting a gaming classic

Seal-M has now launched and the game is definitely a treat to play especially for those who have fond memories of the game that game out during the 2000s called “Seal Online: Blades of Destiny”. If you’re either wondering whether this newer version is worth picking up and/or you don’t have any previous experience with Seal, then you’re in luck! Here are 3 reasons why you should consider playing Seal-M.

1. The game is just pure eye-candy

When they say that they have enhanced the graphics of the game, they weren’t kidding. The difference from its predecessor is huge but the game definitely doesn’t stray from its cartoon-like roots. There are a ton of noticeable improvements especially if you look at both versions side-by-side. What I like about the game the most, personally, is how the cute visual elements of your characters and the enemies are still noticeable even during actual combat. In the past version of the game, you tend to sort of lose a lot of noticeable detail when you’re zoomed out during actual combat. In Seal-M, so much of the graphics now are more defined and have smoother animations so the cutesy aspect of the game remains intact. 

Attack animations, skills, character equipment detail, and enemy design are quite impressive to look at. If you’re one of the players who got hooked on Seal Online’s visual elements, Seal-M’s graphics will make you smile for hours on end. It goes beyond just the characters too. The town and the overworld map are really well made and the sight of seeing other players in the overworld engaged in combat is actually quite cool.

Especially with fans of Seal Online, re-experiencing the game with such a level of enhanced visual detail just really hits hard in the nostalgia feels. Truly a great upgrade to a classic game.


2. Play your way with Customizations, Classes, Pets, and more

Building on the game’s strong visual aesthetic, Seal-M also features a bunch of features that will allow you to personalize your appearance in plenty of ways and play your way. 

Starting with classes, you can choose to either be one of five classes – Warrior, Jester, Mage, Knight, or Priest. This, of course, determines the skills you get to use – each with their own levels of flashiness and utility. 

To further set your character apart from the rest, Seal-M gives you loads of character customization options that are quite varied. I was pretty surprised by the number of options you have available to you plus you get to mix and match various pieces to make your own look. If that still isn’t enough, Seal-M also gives you the option to have pets and vehicles… and let’s just say that most of these pets and vehicles are filled to the brim with CUTE.

3. A lot of Events and Giveaways!

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A good event featuring some very nifty rewards is always a good way to ease a player into a game and Seal-M has been really going hard with these events. To date, they’ve already done events where players could win PLWI Tokens, in-game items, Google Play gift cards, Airpods, and even an iPad Pro 5! It’s quite reassuring to know that the people behind the game are taking a very active role in growing and taking care of the Seal-M Community. There’s actually something for you… RIGHT NOW.

Using the coupon code: 7DAYSOFSEALM, players will get in-game items like 100 pieces of HP Potion (M), 100 pieces of MP Potion (M), and 30,000 Cegel. Just use the coupon at their site, indicate the CS number (you can find that in the setting menu in the game), server, and coupon number. Once done, you’ll get your rewards via the Mailbox.


A good return to form

Rank 1 in both App Store and Google Store, Seal-M brings a lot to the table to revisit a classic in a new way by mixing in various modern day upgrades to the already rich history and base experience that Seal Online was all about. The upgrades that have been placed for Seal-M have elevated the game to more than just the usual nostalgia grab on top of the various upcoming updates that you would not want to miss!

If any of these reasons have piqued your interest, go ahead and try it for yourself Seal-M is now available for download on Android and iOS.