A True Classic! The sequel to Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Origin embodies the notion of a perfect game balance!

Ragnarok Origin, a sequel to the classic MMO Ragnarok Online (RO), published by Gravity Game Hub, was officially released on April 6th, 2023.

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Reliving a true classic, Ragnarok Origin, a sequel to the classic MMO Ragnarok Online (RO), published by Gravity Game Hub, was officially released on April 6th, 2023. It has been a month since its launch, where Ragnarok Origin has topped various ranking lists in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store across 5 countries on its launch day!

For the past 30 days, Ragnarok Origin has relentlessly topped ranking lists on various platforms and received rave reviews from its users. As an MMORPG widely recognized by players, Ragnarok Origin naturally has its strengths that draw in and appeal to players. Of which includes Ragnarok Origin’s ability to provide a well-balanced experience for players.

Re-introduction of 6 complementary classic jobs

Like its predecessor RO, Ragnarok Origin re-introduces 6 classic jobs that are backed by an advanced job change system that offers players a choice to switch to a specialized sub-job. Each job holds a unique positioning, coupled with strengths and weaknesses. Thus, to defeat the most powerful of enemies, players will need to form their team strategically to complement each other to effectively deal damage, apply buffs, and heal their teammates.

  • Swordsman: Serve as the tank of the team, the swordsman can taunt enemies to focus on him while protecting his teammates and deals huge amount of damage simultaneously;
  • Archers: Are highly mobile and flexible; can quickly shoot arrows of different attribute at enemies from a long distance that deals critical physical damages;
  • Merchant: Not only do merchants gain advantages in market trading, but they deal heavy physical damage too. They can also provide various buffs for the team;
  • Acolyte: The support of the team, who mainly heals, buffs, and provides logistic support for teammates. They can also deal holy damage on enemies;
  • Thief: Skillful in the art of stealth, a thief often leads attacks by dealing melee damages to kill their enemies swiftly and silently;
  • Mage: Deals destructive AoE magic damage to enemies by manipulating multiple elements.

Exciting New Gameplay Paired with a Guarantee Mechanism

Walk down memory lane in Ragnarok Origin as it incorporates classic, well-loved elements from RO gameplay, with improvisation to its gameplay to minimize gaps between players and ensure a fair game for all. For instance, players are ranked based on accumulated damage dealt, healing done, and damage absorbed in boss fights. Meanwhile, all players stand a chance to obtain MVP cards, blueprints, accessories/ tools regardless of their ranks.

Ragnarok Origin introduces a pity mechanism that ensures all players will be rewarded with rare items, even if lady luck is not on their side. Furthermore, the addition of the auto-combat system rewards players with a card after a certain amount of monsters are eliminated, aiding adventurers in their journey ahead. Besides upgrading their skills and levels, players can also invest in their pets, increasing the tiers of their pets through repetitive draws of the same types of pets in the Pet Gacha system. With these newly added changes and improved systems, it comes as no surprise that Ragnarok Origin will emerge as one of the most well-balanced MMOs.

RO games are highly notable for their guild system. Ragnarok Origin is no exception. The guild system in Ragnarok Origin has been enhanced, promoting the participation of guild members while offering greater, more attractive rewards. Want to become wealthy in-game? Try your luck on the Red Packet mechanism by grabbing red packets! The auction mechanism found in night events such as in [Time-Space Abnormality], [Guild Expedition], and the [Guild League] is also one of the most anticipated mechanisms introduced in Ragnarok Origin as guild members are rewarded with dividends if a player completes an action.

It has been a month since the official release of Ragnarok Origin. Its constant high ranking across various ranking lists in several countries has proven the popularity of the game. Thus, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the support shown by global players of Ragnarok Origin. We welcome veteran players to return to the world of Midgard, and look forward to creating new memories with new adventurers on this epic journey!! Download and log in to the game today to join our exciting game events and walk away with abundant rewards! Once again, adventurers, you’re cordially invited to walk down memory lane with us in this brand-new RO adventure!

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