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SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Season 03 Reloaded and Warzone 2.0 launch on May 11

    Season 03 Reloaded brings a new map, two new sidearms, and many more.


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Activision recently confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 Season 03 Reloaded and Warzone 2.0 will launch on May 11, bringing lots of new content.

    Specifically, Season 03 Reloaded brings the new Alboran Hatchery Core Multiplayer map, Raid Episode 03, a new DMZ experience, and more.

    To start though, the new update will give players a chance to get Season 03 weapon camos by completing challenges. These camos will be available for every weapon category in the game.

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    There are also new secondary weapons that are fully automatic, as well a lethal Throwing Star projectile. Plus, Activision revealed that NBA superstar Kevin Durant is coming to Call of Duty as a playable skin.

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    As for the Modern Warfare 2-specific content, these include:

    • Raid Episode 03 which follow Price, Farah, and Alex as they push deeper into the Soviet base in pursuit of Hadir.
    • Special Ops Mission: Defender — Hafid Port where players defend against increasingly challenging waves of enemies.
    • Alboran Hatchery 6v6 MP Map – the latest map in the game is medium-sized and takes place in a remote, windswept facility.
    • Giant Infection, 3v3 Faceoff – Giant Infection is basically Infected on a massive scale while the return of Faceoff promises exciting smaller-scale skirmishes.

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    As for Warzone 2.0, here are the content that player scan expect:

    • The midseason update expands features Perk Packages plus the Deployable Buy Station and Gulag Entry Kit.
    • New DMZ Experience – the Koschei Complex is risky, but can net players valuable rewards.
    • Warzone Ranked Play (BETA) – for more competitive players, Warzone Ranked Play is the game mode for them as it will feature a progressive ranking system and seasonal rewards. While it will first launch as a beta, it will be launched fully in a future season.
    • Plunder Returns – Players can try out this mode once again where they must raid Cash Registers, complete contracts, and eliminate enemy Operators to earn as much Cash as possible.

    For more info on Modern Warfare 2 Season 03 Reloaded and Warzone 2.0, visit the official Call of Duty blog.

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