Gundam: Witch from Mercury Episode 16 proved Prospera is the best

Gundam: Witch from Mercury Episode 16 may not be action-packed, but it proved that Prospera is one of the best characters of the series.

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Gundam: Witch from Mercury Episode 16 may not be action-packed, but it proved that Prospera is one of the best characters of the series, at least if you ask us.

[NOTE: There are major spoilers for Witch from Mercury in this article]

If there was ever any doubt, Episode 16 just proved that Prospera is the show’s villain (or at least one of the villains). After all, fresh after revealing that she was the one who turned her daughter Eri into a Gundam, the extent of Prospera’s control and manipulation over Suletta was in full display in the latest episode.

Given Suletta’s words “If you move forward you gain two, if you run you gain one” which Prospera asked her to remember in the finale, many theorized that these are actual words of control (much like the Winter Soldier’s trigger words). But now, it seems that she didn’t even have to do that as Suletta is seemingly under Prospera’s control through sheer manipulation.

This was highlighted when Miorine and Suletta finally reunited after the shocking events of the Season 1 finale. While it started with Miorine being apologetic for her reaction, she quickly realized that there’s something seriously wrong with Suletta. After all, when asked if she’s willing to kill if her mother asked her to, Suletta said yes without a shred of doubt.

Miorine’s response was quite refreshing. In a typical anime, you’d expect Miorine to get angry at Suletta. Instead, Miorine realizes that the fault lies on Prospera, and she quickly confronts her in the next scene.

So then we have Miorine chastising Prospera for the way she’s been manipulating Suletta. In response, Prospera coldly tells Miorine about how her father Delling caused the deaths of Prospera’s husband and her colleagues.

This was a brilliant move on her part. Instead of trying to justify her actions, she goes on the offensive against Miorine. And that’s not all there is to it. Prospera didn’t just do this to get back at Miorine’s accusation as it is all part of her plan.

Specifically, she guilt-trips Miorine by telling her what Delling did. This is because Prospera wants to continue Quiet Zero with Miorine’s help. And to do this, Miorine will have to become the Benerit Group’s president.

It’s a brazen move for Prospera to manipulate even Miorine like this, and it shows that out of the many characters with well thought-out plans, it seems that Prospera is a step ahead of everyone else.

What happened to Prospera (or Elnora) in the prologue was definitely a strong reason why she’s doing all of these horrible things now, though of course, that’s not an excuse for her devious behavior and schemes up til now. Though despite what you think about her, it’s pretty clear that Prospera is one of the most compelling characters of Witch from Mercury right now. In fact, many fans are calling her one of the best Char clones to date.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see more of what Prospera has up her sleeve, especially with the upcoming election which will likely feature all the major players. While it may not have intense mobile suit action, this upcoming event is shaping up to be one of the show’s most exciting ones yet.

New episodes of Witch from Mercury are released every Sunday on Netflix and on GundamInfo in the Philippines and other SEA countries. Meanwhile, here’s a guide on where you can watch the series in other regions:

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