SEGA Etrian Odyssey
SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    Honkai Star Rail’s next banner this week features Jing Yuan

    Are you pulling for Jing Yuan this week?


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Honkai Star Rail’s next banner to be featured this week is Jing Yuan, who is expected to be an AOE beast for your team.

    The 5-star lighting character follows the path of Erudition. This means you can most likely see him clearing out the field and dish out a respectable amount of damage to multiple targets.

    Adding to this, he also has a powerful ally with the Lightning Lord, who can potentially deal some devastating follow-up attacks at the interval of your turns.

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    Check out the official tweet below which features the character’s past.

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    Another trailer highlights his relationship with Yanqing.

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    Additionally, they also released some details regarding the latest patch that you can expect along with the roll out of the new character.

    • Fixed an issue in the process of the Adventure Mission “A Teacher and a Friend” where the game has a chance of getting stuck and crashing after solving the Abacus Circuitry puzzle.
    • Fixed an issue in the adventure mission “Fired,” where there was a chance for the target display to be abnormal when summoning Diting to use the area detection function.
    • Optimized the notification when entering the Simulated Universe before the Official Simulated Universe is unlocked.
    • Fixed the issue of some dialogues not triggering properly.
    • Fixed the issue of some mismatches in subtitles and voiced lines.
    • Optimized the text description of the 5-star character Yanqing (The Hunt: Ice) Ultimate. This optimization does not change the actual effect of the ability.
    • Optimized the text description of the 4-star character Pela (The Nihility: Ices Basic ATK and Skill. This optimization does not change the actual effect of the ability.

    As of this writing, the current banner highlights Seele. The character proves to be a very effective hero for your roster because of his high quantum damage output.

    Also, she has a passive effect called “resurgence” which gives another turn for her whenever she successfully eliminates an enemy. Perfect for those hyper-carry team builds.

    Jing Yuan will appear in the next update this May 17, 2023. Like the current banner, you can expect him to be around for 3 weeks.

    Honkai Star Rail is available right now for the PC, Android and ios devices.


    Honkai Star Rail surpassed 20 million downloads within a day after release

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