How to repair gear in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Finally, the feature that everyone from Breath of the Wild was wishing for! Here's how you can repair gear in TotK.

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Want to know how to easily upgrade and repair equipment in Tears of the Kingdom? Yes, you read that right! What was once impossible in Breath of the Wild is now something you can totally do in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Here’s how to repair gear in TotK!

One of the previous gripes from Travelers of Hyrule during the days of Breath of the Wild was the game’s weapon break system, prompting players to grab the next weapon or limb they could get their hands on. But things have changed now with Tears of the Kingdom, as not only you can merge dozens of materials to form a gigantic weapon (which does give full durability to the newly built weapon), but also there is now a hidden mechanic can repair and upgrade your gear. Instead of resorting to hoarding your best gear to save them for later challenges – and end up not being able to fully enjoy them – or just breaking your strong weapons early, the not-so-friendly Rock Octorok is there to hook us up. 

Here are the steps!

Find a Rock Octorok

In BoTW, Rock Octoroks are only good for sucking in rusty weapons and spitting out non-rusty versions of the exact same thing. In ToTK, these rocky boys receive a significant buff. Now, for every piece of gear they suck in, they will completely repair the durability and randomize the modifier for the weapon or shield.

Rock Octoroks are scattered all around the open world. There is one near the rocks on the upper right side of Goron City if you view it from the map.

 There’s also one somewhere in the Hot Springs. The best thing you can do after finding one is to open your compendium, take a picture of the Rock Octorok, and use sensor plus so you can easily find them again. 

Select either a weapon or shield to drop

Drop a weapon or a shield near a Rock Octorok and walk away. They’ll suck it in. Sparkles will surround the Rock Octorok and it will spit out after a couple of seconds. Pick your gear back up and you’ll see that it’s now fully repaired and usually even have a new random modifier to it. 

However, there are certain limitations to this tactic:

  • A particular Rock Octorok can only repair ONE weapon or shield per Blood Moon phase. If you drop a different piece of equipment in front of the same Rock Octorok, it’ll still suck it in but it will immediately spit it back out. What you can do is defeat the Rock Octorok and after the next Blood Moon, it’ll just spawn back into the same spot. It’ll then be able to repair once again that one weapon or shield of your choice. 
  • If you drop a decayed piece of equipment in front of a Rock Octorok, it’ll still be decayed after it spits it out but will have full durability and added modifiers. 
  • Rock Octorocks won’t repair and upgrade Amiibo weapons and shields.
  • Rock Octorocks won’t repair and upgrade Magic Rods. 

So there you have it! A quick, simple, easy, and FREE way to upgrade and repair gear in TotK. 

This information is based on Austin John Plays’ YouTube video. Be sure to check it out for additional information. He does a lot of extra testing and different scenarios to show what works and what doesn’t.