Netflix’s One Piece live-action series confirms episode count

A new update for the Netflix One Piece live-action series just confirmed the show's official episode count.

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While we’ve yet to get a new trailer, a new update for the Netflix One Piece live-action series just confirmed the show’s official episode count.

This update comes courtesy of a personally-written letter from One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda. There, he shared his thoughts on the upcoming series, and confirmed how long the show’s first season will be.

Previously, reports mentioned that the show will have ten episodes. Now though, these reports were debunked as Oda mentioned that the One Piece live-action series’ episode count is only 8. Though there’s no info on how long these episodes will be.

Along with the episode count, Oda also shared his thoughts on the show’s production. Specifically, he mentioned how it was a difficult process to get everyone on the show to work on the same page partly due to the cultural differences. Though he assured fans that everyone is now in sync, and things are looking up for the show.

Oda also said that he was assured by Netflix that the series won’t be released until he is satisfied with it. Plus, Oda also said that he feels this is his last chance to bring One Pice to live-action.

Given Oda’s positivity about the show, many fans are cautiously optimistic about the series being good. Though of course, it’s not guaranteed that the show will be great. After all, live-action anime adaptations don’t really have a good track record.

The One Piece live-action series will be released on Netflix sometime in 2023, provided that the show does not get delayed.