Meet Shin Universe Robo, Hideaki Anno’s ultimate dream toy

Shin Universe Robo combines all of Hideaki Anno's work into one massive robot, and it can be yours January next year.

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Hideaki Anno’s Shin Japan Heroes Universe comes together in the most unexpected way as Bandai released a short video showcasing their new toy the Shin Universe Robo which combines all of Anno’s work in one giant robot.


All four characters remain true to their form as they appear in their respective shows. But they will only show their true potential to punish evil when they form the Shin Universe Robo. This combines all four of Hideaki Anno’s work, including the Eva Unit-01, Shin Godzilla, Shin Ultraman, and Shin Kamen Rider. The Shin Robo wields the Ultraman’s Ultra Beam as a Beam Sword, Godzilla’s dorsal fin, and Eva Unit-01 AT Field as a Shield.


Bandai definitely pulled out all the stops for this as they presented the two-minute video in true Tokusatsu style, complete with the gigantic villain, the bulky robot, and, of course, explosions!

This was all amazingly well-executed which is no surprise when you realize that Bandai called on Hiroshi Butsuda to direct the promotional video. Hiroshi Butsuda is a real veteran in handling these kinds of Tokusatsu videos as he directed 12 Kamen Rider TV series, including the crossover special Ultraman vs Kamen Rider.

Pre-orders are now open for Shin Universe Robo and will cost JPY 23,100 (around PHP 9,310.96) and is expected to start shipping in January 2024. 

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