Xbox Asia director reveals the most popular games in the Philippines on PC Game Pass

Recently, we to talk with Jeremy Hinton, Asia Business Director at Xbox. and he shared the most popular Game Pass titles in the Philippines.

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Recently, we got a chance to talk with Jeremy Hinton, Asia Business Director at Xbox. and he revealed the most popular PC Game Pass titles in the Philippines.

Previously, Xbox revealed that on average, Filipino players are the most active on PC Game Pass in the region. It was also revealed that social multiplayer titles like Grounded and Sea of Thieves are among the most popular in the country.

Aside from social multiplayer games, Hinton shared that Minecraft continues to be an incredibly popular game in the Philippines.

“For the Philippines in particular, we uniquely see a lot of interest in Minecraft,” said Hinton.  “There are definitely multiple Minecraft spheres, and they are all very popular in the Philippines. So it’s great that it’s sort of a never-ending product for us it’s such a great experience for players. It’s accessible to people of all ages. It’s a great thing to play together with friends and family, etcetera. And that team is constantly delivering new ways to experience the game thanks to the marketplace feature, or indeed the official updates that they have coming through as well.”

And then some of the recent releases like Minecraft Legends, you’ve got a lot of people already playing Minecraft, then a lot of people just say, hey, I’ve already got my subscription, I’m going to go and play Minecraft Legends Day One in Game Pass rather than having to buy that as a full title.”

It’s interesting that Minecraft continues to be popular among Xbox PC Game Pass users in the Philippines, especially as the game is over a decade now at this point. Though it’s not exactly surprising given the nature of the game in terms of letting players exercise their creativity, not to mention that there are other entries to the series like Minecraft Legends.

Aside from Minecraft, Game Pass’ integration has also been a big hit in the Philippines and in the rest of Southeast Asia. Hinton shares:

I would say in general that the benefits that we’ve added with the Riot titles are pretty universally enjoyed across the region. League of Legends and Valorant in particular, those were titles that we saw [get a lot of interest]. We saw the opportunity of how we can add benefits for you being a Game Pass subscriber if you’re also a fan of those games. So, this is an example where we’ve tried to match the type of content that people playing in the region to the benefits of Game Pass that we didn’t have prior to launch.

Along with insight on gaming preferences among Filipino players, Hinton also shared lots of other interesting info on Xbox’s experiences and plans for Southeast Asia. Read more about them in our full interview here:

Full Interview: Xbox Asia Business Director Jeremy Hinton on PC Game Pass’ anniversary in SEA