Xbox exec shares how Game Pass fits into the PC gaming ecosystem

In our recent interview with Xbox Asia Business Director Jeremy Hinton, he explained how Microsoft views Game Pass within the PC Gaming ecosystem.

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In our recent interview with Xbox Asia Business Director Jeremy Hinton, he explained how Microsoft views Game Pass within the PC Gaming ecosystem.

During our interview, Hinton shared a lot of interesting info about how Game Pass was launched in the Philippines and other SEA countries. He also affirmed Microsoft’s commitment to supporting handheld gaming PCs.

Though another interesting topic that we talked about was Game Pass and how it fits into the PC gaming ecosystem. After all, Game Pass is quite different from most other PC services which are mostly online stores.

Game Pass has also been said as the Netflix of games, but Hinton made a point about a key difference, and that’s in how Game Pass does not limit players from playing the games on Game Pass through other means.

Hinton explains:

“We think of Game Pass as additive to the ecosystem. Unlike a service like Netflix where you know the only way you can consume that Netflix content is in the service, that’s not what we’re doing with Game Pass. We believe this is an option that you can choose to consume a set of content, but at the same time, if you want to buy those same games stand-alone, there’s the Windows Store and Steam and all these other storefronts where if you just prefer to buy them, you can buy them. We’re not taking away any kind of choice to purchase.

We’re adding a choice to consume a set of content by subscription if that’s the best way that works for you. And we do find, you know that option, in my personal experience, works great for families, works great for cost-conscious consumers who may like to browse multiple titles and multiple genres. This is absolutely the best way to do it. You can try a whole bunch of things and you’ve still only paid that 119 Peso monthly cost.

But there are other consumers who are really deep into maybe one or two experiences, and that’s where they spend all of their time. And maybe they’re deep on microtransactions in that game when building out a world or building out a character etcetera. And so, they will game in the way that best works for them.”

It’s an interesting point as, at this point, Xbox hasn’t really made true exclusives. After all, while first-party Microsoft titles are available day one on Game Pass, they’re also available in other storefronts on PC.

Though Game Pass still makes sense even if it doesn’t play the exclusive game. This is because the price of the subscription is a great deal, especially for families as well as players in certain countries.

“But we do see a period where there may be more and more cost-of-living pressures and inflationary pressures on families around the world. We do think that a game subscription at a low monthly cost, hundreds of titles, day one Microsoft titles, and the range of EA titles and EA Play service in there, along with the membership benefits with discounts and additional benefits that you get; we do think that’s a great way to consume for a whole range of players on PC moving forward, and we expect that will continue to grow over time. After all, we’re still very early on our Game Pass journey. We’re obviously very early only a year in the Philippines.

And as people start to invite their friends in and start to play more and start to understand the value of what Game Pass offers, we’re very confident that that number will continue to grow as an alternative or as another way to experience games.”

At this point, Game Pass is available in the Philippines for only PHP 119 a month, and it’s definitely one of the best deals in gaming in the country right now. So it’s definitely a good option to have for gamers who want to try a wide range of games without dropping lots of cash in one go.

PC Game Pass has been available in the Philippines and in four other SEA countries for over a year now. To learn more about the service’s launch and challenges that Xbox faced, check out our interview here:

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