Across the Spider-Verse Japanese version features brand-new song from LiSA

Across the Spider-Verse goes full anime for its Japanese release!

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Popular J-pop singer LiSA has an exciting new track that serves as the theme song for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse in Japan.

Specifically, Spider-Verse tapped the notable Japanese singer to create the song REALiZE which serves as the theme song for the movie’s Japanese dub. While the film already has a killer soundtrack and score (thanks to Metro Boomin and Daniel Pemberton, respectively), LiSA’s new song is a terrific addition to the film, and one that anime fans will most certainly love.

While it’s only used in the film’s Japanese dub version, an official lyric video was shared online which fans can watch here:

LiSA is no doubt one of the most popular singers among anime fans. After all, she has performed opening songs for a wide range of shows, including the likes of Demon Slayer, Sword Art Online, and Fate/Zero.

To celebrate the new LiSA song for Across the Spider-Verse, a special artwork was also released that features the artist’s photo redesigned to match the look of Spider-Verse. This artwork also serves as the single’s cover art on streaming platforms.


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