ASUS showcases new innovations and sustainability achievements at Computex 2023

ASUS recently announced its lineup of incredible innovations at Computex 2023, with new monitors, laptops, and exciting novelties.

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ASUS recently announced its lineup of incredible innovations at Computex 2023, with new monitors, laptops, and exciting novelties, as well as incredible sustainability achievements.

At Computex, ASUS unveiled innovative products for visitors to explore and experience with exclusive hands-on testing. As such, they made sure to cover all their bases–from consumer, business, and healthcare devices to gaming innovations.

ASUS stands by their goal of 100% renewable energy use across all its global operations by 2023 and the achievement of net zero by 2050. As such, ASUS Carbon Partner Services enable commercial customers to offset carbon emissions associated with their ASUS products. The service provides an end-to-end delivery service, with reliable quality, accountability, assurance, transparency, flexibility, and competitive pricing.

In terms of products involved, the ASUS Mini PC PB62 features energy-saving and eco-friendly designs, certified by ENERGY STAR and verified as EPEAT Gold. The ProArt Backpack is made of recycled polyester fabric (rPET), which requires fewer resources and generates less CO2 emissions during production, resulting in 80% energy savings compared to a regular bag.

This year also sees the introduction of the ASUS Pre-Deployment Service (APDS) and ASUS Endpoint Management Service (AEMS), two complete services for modern IT management providing a suite of enterprise-grade security and management tools to help businesses protect their sensitive data and streamline their IT operations.

Alongside this service, ASUS also unveiled its reliable and user-friendly business network solution, the ASUS ExpertWiFi series, featuring the ExpertWiFi EBG15 wired router, the ExpertWiFi EBR63 wireless router, the ExpertWiFi EBP15 PoE switch, the ExpertWiFi EBA63 PoE access point, and the ExpertWiFi EBM68 mesh WiFi system.

As for content creators, ASUS made sure to offer premium displays. The ASUS ProArt Display PA32UCXR and ASUS ProArt Display PA24ACRV are 31.5-inch 4K and 23.8-inch QHD monitors, respectively. Each deliver high-quality visuals, stunningly vibrant color accuracy, extensive connectivity options.

Speaking of displays, the ASUS VU series monitors (VU249CFE and VU279CFE) further promote sustainability with recycled materials in both their construction and packaging. This includes plans to meet multiple eco-label requirements such as ENERGY STAR, TCO certification, and EPEAT in 2023. The VU series monitors feature a slim design, a variety of colorways, a 100 Hz refresh rate, an IPS panel, and the DisplayWidget Center App for easy settings customization. 

Moving on to the gamer crowd, the TUF Gaming Capture Box-4KPro offers gamers high-quality video streaming with HDMI 2.1 compatibility and HDR passthrough of video support up to 4K at 144 Hz. This ensures ultra-high quality video streaming up to 4K at 60 fps.

The TUF Gaming VG27AQML1A is a 27-inch QHD gaming monitor with a fast IPS panel and an overclocked refresh rate of up to 260 Hz. Equipped with ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync (ELMB Sync) technology, it eliminates ghosting and tearing by combining ELMB with variable-refresh-rate technologies (VRR).

Lastly, the the ROG Computex Booth, RE:SET served as the introduction to the ASUS ROG cinematic film series, embodying the motto, For Those Who Dare. ASUS ROG is also raising the bar for PC DIY and peripherals with their latest products at Computex 2023.

The ROG Matrix RTX 4090 liquid-cooled graphics card features an incredibly bold and modern design as the industry’s first liquid metal thermal solution directly on the graphics card’s GPU die. This allows for even lower temperatures for superior sustained performances, lower noise, and unrivalled performance. This cutting-edge GPU is projected for release to the market in Q3, 2023.

The ROG Swift OLED PG49WCD monitor is a 49-inch super-ultrawide (5120 x 1440) gaming monitor, featuring an 1800R QD-OLED panel with 144 Hz refresh rate and 0.03 ms response time. Combined with a custom heatsink and graphene film behind the whole QD-OLED panel, this monitor guarantees better heat dissipation aside from an immersive gaming experience.

Another major product that made its entrance at Computex is the ROG Swift PG38UQ, the world’s first 38-inch 4K UHD gaming display, offering truly immersive visuals for any gaming setup. Its 144 Hz refresh rate and Adaptive-Sync technology ensures super-smooth gaming experiences alongside ASUS Fast IPS technology’s 1 ms response time for sharp and high-frame-rate gaming visuals.

Alongside this, the new 24.5-inch FHD ROG Strix XG259QN comes equipped with a Fast IPS panel with a 360 Hz refresh rate (overclockable to 380 Hz) and less than 1 ms response time. Keyboard enthusiasts also get treated to the ROG Strix Scope II 100% keyboard featuring the new ROG NX Snow switches, and ROG Strix Scope II RX, featuring IP57 and ROG RX optical switches.

ASUS ROG also showcased its motherboards, including the Computex 2023 Best Choice Award winner, the ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme, built for extreme performance and overclocking, as well as the ROG Strix Z790-A, which balances exceptional gaming performance with striking looks for style-conscious gamers.