Extraction 2 Review | An action flick made for action fans

Extraction 2 is bigger, louder, and much better in nearly every aspect compared to its predecessor, making it a worthy watch for action fans.

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Chris Hemsworth returns as Tyler Rake in the explosive sequel to the hit Netflix action flick that was released back in 2020. The last time we saw Tyler, he was on the brink of death after sustaining multiple fatal injuries. Netflix and the filmmakers thought that they had something special so they shot an ambiguous ending just in case a sequel would be made. Luckily they did because Extraction 2 is bigger, louder, and much better in nearly every aspect. 

Extraction 2 doesn’t skip a beat. It immediately shows us the aftermath of the events of the first film on Tyler himself. Someway, somehow, he survives. The explanation isn’t exactly the best and most logical but it’s the reason why we have Chris Hemsworth running around shooting and punching dudes so I’ll take it. 

As much as action is the name of the game with these movies, a noticeable change with Extraction 2 is a closer focus on the emotional stakes of the story. In the first movie, it was a bit hard to care for the kidnapped son because he’s not really connected to Tyler in any real way other than a paycheck—which the audience is constantly reminded of. 

Extraction 2’s central conflict is much more personal in nature for our protagonist. As a result, this makes everything in the movie feel much more grounded and relevant. I cared so much more about what was happening because Tyler has every reason to. However, as much as it is a very significant improvement over the first movie, there’s nothing in Extraction 2’s narrative that hasn’t been done before. The usual action-man conflict cliches are here. Family problems, shutting down when being hit with a sensitive topic, internal conflict as to whether or not he’s a good guy or not, etc. Extraction 2 takes these narrative beats but doesn’t go the distance with any of them. A missed opportunity but it’s not big enough to derail the entire experience. 

What is undeniably the best part of Extraction 2 is, to no one’s surprise, the action sequences. Sam Hargrave’s previous experience in being a stunt coordinator is immediately felt on screen. The way the action is choreographed, shot, and put together in Extraction 2 really is a sight to behold. The cinematography is intimate, gritty, and above all else, prioritizes showcasing the action in the most entertaining way possible. And yes, the much-talked-about one-shot sequence here is bigger, more complicated, and much more entertaining. 

Chris Hemsworth is a powerhouse of a presence on-screen. He is electrifying in his dedication to the choreography and his subtle charming mannerisms that make Tyler more of a character to root for. The Tyler in the first movie feels like a cardboard cutout compared to the one here in Extraction 2. 

The support characters receive a much more prominent presence this time around. While they’re still somewhat underdeveloped, they serve their purpose well enough being the necessary plot devices to push forward the narrative. 

The one area where I felt like Extraction 2 took a few steps back is in its villain. While the story tries its best to develop the antagonistic presence here, it still falls flat in its execution. They’re more ruthless and aggressive than what we’ve seen Tyler fight before. The enemies here are much more well-equipped which makes our protagonist a bit of an underdog. However, in terms of depth, there’s not much to be found here. 

I got the opportunity to watch this on the big screen with a booming sound system and let me tell you, this is one loud movie. The audio design in Extraction 2 made my eardrums beg for their life and I loved every single second of it. As adrenaline and tension fill my body, it’s all accompanied by the sound of bullets flying, punches being thrown, explosions happening, and the thunderous score that does an excellent job at sustaining the high-octane energy of what is on-screen. 

All that being said, Extraction 2 is still a worthwhile sequel to watch. It’s a shame that most people will only be able to see this in streaming because clearly, this was made for the big screen. The action is intense, the story is much more engaging, and the technical aspects that bring it all together are a triumphant achievement. If you’re a fan of the first film, you’re in for a treat. If you’re a fan of action, you’re in for an experience that is tailor-made for you. 

EXTRACTION 2 premieres on June 16, only on Netflix.