K-pop sensation Twice reveal they’re big fans of Oshi no Ko

Yes, Twice members are big fans of Oshi no Ko!

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It seems that even real-life idols are fans of the show as K-pop group Twice recently shared a dance cover of Oshi no Ko opening song, Idol.

Specifically, Twice shared two videos on their official TikTok, one of which is a dance cover of the opening song Idol by YOASOBI, complete with the dance moves that Ai Hoshino does in the anime.

Of course, given TikTok’s vertical format, only three members of Twice (Nayeon, Momo, and Chaeyoung) danced in the video. Still, it’s a treat for fans of both Twice and the new idol anime. Check it out here:


완벽한 궁극의 아이돌 ✧트와이스✧ #TWICE #트와이스

♬ アイドル – YOASOBI

If that’s not enough, Twice also uploaded a video featuring the three dancing to Idol, but this time, it’s a different take on the dance. Instead of doing Ai’s dance routine, Nayeon, Momo, and Chaeyoung instead did the funny wotagei idol dance by Aqua and Ruby Hoshino:



♡•. 🍭 최애의 #트와이스 🍭 .•♡ #TWICE

♬ アイドル – YOASOBI

In case you’re wondering, yes, Twice members are indeed fans of the anime. While not all of them have said that they watched an anime, it seems that Nayeon shared in a recent live that she watched the first few episodes along with Momo and Dahyun (and possibly Chaeyoung sine she’s in the dance TikTok as well).

Oshi no Ko appealing to real-life idols isn’t too surprising. After all, while it’s quite a dark show, it’s also incredibly entertaining, not to mention that it offers a lot of insight into the idol and entertainment industry.

Twice aren’t the only idols who did an Oshi no Ko recreation. Previously, a retired Japanese idol also did her own video for the anime, complete with a detailed Ai Hoshino cosplay.