Other CONQuest 2023 Areas to Visit for Day 3 aside from SMX

Here are the other venues for CONQuest Day 3 Activities!

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CONQuest Festival 2023 Day 3 is here. While the main venue, SMX, has been kind of full-up, there are certainly other areas of the con that are still home to con activities. With how packed the main Convention Center is, do consider heading over to these other CONQuest 2023 areas as we break down each one and show you their Day 3 schedule of activities.

CONQuest Festival 2023 day 2


CONQuest Festival 2023 Day 3

NU MOA is the home for almost all things esports for CONQuest 2023. Today specifically, you can see both the PC and Mobile Arena with the Alliance tournaments for Valorant, Mobile Legends, and CODM taking center stage. 

MOA Atrium Activities

Another place worth checking out is the stage at the MOA Atrium. It has free seating during the panels that they scheduled and can be a place for cosplayers to do their photoshoots. While it may be a bit of a walk away, you may just find your favorite creator hosting a panel here. Here’s the schedule for today:

CONQuest Festival 2023 Day 3

Conrad Hotel

Conrad will be your central venue for the meet and greets as well as for some panels. You can check out the schedule right here:


While a lot of activities will be happening in SMX, it may be worthwhile to still check out these other CONQuest 2023 Areas. If you want to see the full schedule, check out the CONQuest 2023 website.

Stay safe and enjoy Day 3!