Final Fantasy 16 update 1.03 finally lets players adjust motion blur

Final Fantasy 16's latest patch finally has a fix for the annoying motion blur.

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Square Enix released update 1.03 for Final Fantasy 16, and it finally allows players to adjust the motion blur strength, among other new additions.

While the game got a lot of praise from critics and fans, one of the weak points of the latest Final Fantasy game is its graphics modes. For starters, the Performance mode targets 60 FPS, but it can’t consistently hit that target which means noticeably choppy framerates. Meanwhile, the Quality mode runs at a steady 30 FPS, but the problem with it is the motion blur is too much according to many players.

Thankfully, Final Fantasy 16 update 1.03 adds the ability to adjust the motion blur strength. Players can even turn it off entirely by setting it to zero.

The update also lets players turn off Player Follow for movement and attack to prevent the camera from automatically following the player when moving or attacking, respectively.

Along with these, there’s also a tweak to the maximum settings of the Camera Sensitivity options, as well as three new controller layouts.

Finally, some issues are corrected in the update regarding menu stability and text.

While it’s not a big update, it’s a good sign that the developers are looking at player feedback. Given this, we hope that Square Enix considers unlocking the Hard mode by default, without the need to finish the game.

Final Fantasy 16 is out now exclusively on the PS5. If you haven’t played the game yet and need more convincing, you can check out our review here:

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