Patapon spiritual successor ‘Ratatan’ details and gameplay trailer revealed

The wishes of many fans are now answered as we get to see a gameplay trailer for the rhythm game Patapon, appropriately named Ratatan.

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New details and a gameplay trailer for Patapon spiritual successor – Ratatan was recently revealed!

Back in the good old days of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) a great gem of a game called Patapon was released where you command an army of minions via a 4-beat rhythm style mechanic where a specific input orders your army to do various actions like attacking and falling back. The game plays in real time and part of the charm here is going in sync with the beat of the war drum because resulting in the opposite can spell disaster for your entire team.

Fast forward to 2023, it looks like the wishes of many fans are now answered as we get to see a spiritual successor for the game in the form of Ratatan. The game will launch on Kickstarter  on July 31 and will be spearheaded by the original Patapon series creator Hiroyuki Kotani.

Watch the gameplay video below:


Here’s more details from the game!

What is Ratatan?

Ratatan‘s gameplay incorporates a unique combination of rhythm and strategy where the player takes the role of a conductor controlling the actions of a cute army of “Ratatan” characters. Using commands on the controller, each button represents one of four musical phrases and must be struck in sync with an established rhythm in order to give instructions to the army. Ratatan doubles down on the musical theme by introducing characters equipped with musical instruments that can unleash special skills in battle, along with a more modern movement system while maintaining the same four beat attack-defense gameplay that fans love.

Gameplay trailer cast:

  • Fortrun (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita)
  • Harigittan (voiced by Hika Tsukishiro)
  • Nyandola (voiced by Haruna Yuzuki)
  • Mimizukyun (voiced by Youhei Azakami)
  • Keroronpa (voiced by Masaya Fukunishi)

Casting cooperation:

  • AGRS Co., Ltd.

Ratatan Game System

“Ratatans” are music-loving heroes brought to life with the power of Medama and look like animals that once lived on the planet Redo. They demonstrate their mysterious power by singing and playing musical instruments. Each Ratatan has a unique instrument and skill that the player can use to get an edge in rhythmic battle. For example, Keroronpa, a support-type character, uses a megaphone to stir up the battlefield, raising both party morale and enemy agitation. While Harigittan, a defense-type character, protects allies with numbingly good riffs on guitar.

As the Ratatan conductor, players control a unique variety of Ratatans to attack, defend and support as they march against their enemies. Ratatans can further gather “Cobuns” that can chant, move and attack according to the instructions of the Ratatan for an even larger army, making for one massive rhythmic showdown!

Ratatan Kickstarter Campaign

The Ratatan Kickstarter campaign is set to feature a variety of stretch goals planned to expand the core gameplay with new systems, mini games and modern modes. If funded, Ratatan will be released on PC. Modern consoles will also be supported via a stretch goal. TVT’s very own “Theory Engine” will be utilized for a stable and expansive online multiplayer gameplay experience, allowing for players to march forward with a band of friends, anywhere in the world! For those looking to extend their gaming experience beyond the virtual world, Red Art Games is set to deliver stunning physical versions for modern consoles and a variety of high-quality items for Ratatan backers.

Known for its excellent art design and innovative gameplay, creator Hiroyuki Kotani’s Patapon series has been hailed by critics as “one of the best rhythm games ever released” and “one of the best titles for the PSP,” winning numerous awards. With its catchy tribal music and characters full of personality, Patapon‘s success inspired two sequels, titled Patapon 2 and Patapon 3.


Kickstarter campaign will launch on July 31 at 9:00 a.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. ET and is initially slated for a PC release.

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