Samsung unveils the Galaxy Z Fold5 flagship foldable

Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold5, the brand's latest flagship foldable.

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After much anticipation, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold5, the brand’s latest flagship foldable. And while it may look similar from the previous model, there are some major improvements here.

The first Galaxy Fold device was revealed way back in 2019, and this new entry in the flagship foldable lineup looks quite different from the original model. Though it may seem mostly similar to the previous generation device, this latest Z Fold has a new hinge mechanism that makes it even more durable and lets it fold flatter.

Before, folding the phone leaves a bit of a gap, but now there’s the new “Double Rail Design” which makes the hinge flatter when folded, making it look more seamless.

Aside from the aesthetic improvements that this hinge brings, the design also makes it more resistant to drop as the hinge design is able to distribute shocks when bumped or dropped. Plus, the Z Fold5 is also rated for 200,000 folds, meaning it should be able to handle the rigors of daily use with ease.

Along with this, the Z Fold5 also has tougher glass for its display, plus it uses recycled materials to make it more environmentally-friendly.

Speaking of its display, the Z Fold5 has a 7.6-inch screen that’s once again top-of-the-line in the flagship space, as with most Samsung flagships. Of course, the phone also retains the cover display which is still large, making it work almost like a typical non-foldable phone when folded.

Moving to its cameras, the phone has a 50MP main + 12MP ultrawide + 10MP 3x telephoto rear shooter setup which is quite similar to the Galaxy S lineup’s cameras. While we weren’t able to test the cameras out, they should be able to capture high quality photos and videos with quality that’s comparable to the S23 series.

As for performance, the Galaxy Z Fold5 shouldn’t disappoint as it’s powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, meaning it should not have any issues with playing today’s popular games. It should also provide enough power for a user’s productivity needs.

Speaking of productivity, the Z Fold5 has some enhancements on the software side that make it even better for work. While it still has the split-screen feature from the previous generation devices, it now has an improved taskbar and drag & drop copying that makes it more PC or tablet-like.

What’s also nice here is that the phone has an improved Flex Mode — this is when the phone is folded halfway (where it’s set up like a laptop). Now, there’s better support for this mode for some specific use cases.

Plus, the Z Fold5 is once again compatible with the S Pen which is great for those who like drawing or taking notes while on the go. Unlike the S23 Ultra though, you’ll need a special Z Fold5 case to store the S Pen in.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 is available in Icy Blue, Phantom Black, and Cream. It is priced in the Philippines at PHP 98,990 for the 256GB variant, PHP 105,990 for the 512GB variant, and PHP 119,990 for the 1TB variant.

Pre-orders of the Galaxy Z Fold5 via will come with discounts of up to PHP 43,000, including a free double-up storage worth PHP 7,000. Each pre-order will also come with a free original Samsung case, 30% off the new Galaxy Watch6, PHP 10,000 off on the new Galaxy Tab S9 Series, and 50% off on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. Finally, Samsung Care+ is offered for pre-orders.

There’s also a exclusive offer where the Galaxy Z Fold5 in Gray and Blue colors are up for pre-order exclusively on the site.

Finally, the Z Fold5 is available for pre-order through Samsung Experience Stores, Authorized Samsung Stores, Lazada, Shopee, TikTok Shop, and Pre-orders here will also come with up to PHP 42,000 worth of discounts.

The Z Fold5 will be available in the Philippines beginning August 18, 2023.