Square Enix may release more classic JRPG Pixel Rematers soon

Maybe we'll get remasters for Xenogears and other PS1-era JRPGs.

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Following the successful launch of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, it looks like Square Enix is planning more JRPG remasters soon.

Recently during the Q&A session of the Square Enix Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, board members were asked about plans for future remasters. This is in response to the success of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster which was released on PS4 and Switch this year. What’s interesting is that one shareholder, in particular, asked this question and even said that they wanted to play Xenogears.

As expected, a Square Enix board member didn’t exactly give a straight answer, but they did say that they are “considering various ideas within the company.”

Given the success of the Pixel Remaster collection, it won’t be a surprise to see more Square Enix JRPG remasters get released in the future. After all, the publisher has a treasure trove of JRPG classics, especially from the SNES and PlayStation 1 eras that they can remaster and re-release.

Xenogears is definitely one of them as it even got a shoutout from a shareholder. Another possible remaster is Chrono Trigger, especially given that Chrono Cross already got a remaster last year.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is a collection of remasters for Final Fantasy I to VI. Instead of being just typical HD upgrades, these remasters feature new graphics and audio while still being faithful to the originals. Plus, the remasters have more quality of life options, including the ability to speed up gaining experience and turn off random encounters.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection is available now on Switch, PS4, Steam, Android, and iOS.

Source: VGC