Brand New Company reveals HEYU, a new VTuber group

HEYU's first generation will debut later this month!

After launching its online variety series, Brand New Company has finally unveiled HEYU, the company’s VTuber group whose members will debut later this month.

Much like other VTuber groups, HEYU’s first generation will consist of three members. Interestingly, the members of HEYU have quite unique art styles which is a major departure compared to the more anime-inspired styles of other VTuber groups.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here’s the official concept trailer for HEYU:

HEYU’s first generation features three members: JACKI3, GEMI9, and RU VII.

JACKI3 is a “A Rebel Robot Rapper” and will be the first of the trio to debut. Specifically, her debut will happen on August 31 at 7 PM PH time via her official YouTube channel.

Her backstory is described as:

“A robot brought back to life after a criminal past struggling to live a normal life and trying to navigate through it without a manual. They also try their damndest to not lose what’s left of them that’s human, and that is their love for music.”

Next is GEMI9, a “Siren Songstress” who will debut on YouTube on August 31 at 8 PM PH Time.

GEMI9 is described as:

“A siren (not a mermaid!) from the underworld who just wants to find a safe place to sing her own music. Despite facing self doubt and enduring unfortunate encounters in pursuit of her dream in music, it remains her solace and driving force to move forward.”

Rounding out the lineup is RU VII, “Vampire Sorceress Rockstar ” who will be the last to debut on YouTube. Her debut will be at 9 PM PH time on August 31.

“A half-blooded vampire and a full-blown sorceress seeking repentance from a regretful decision in the past. Music being the only connection to her real family, she wonders if wounds really heal over time.”

Find out more about HEYU on the official website.