Diablo IV is on sale this week with up to 25% off

Diablo IV is available on sale now until September 6!

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In case you haven’t tried it yet, now’s a good reason to try it out as Diablo IV is on sale this week with up to 25% off on Battle.net. Aside from the sale, Blizzard also announced the Blessing Weekend in the game which givers players an increased gold and XP earning rate.

Specifically, the game is on sale starting today, August 30 at 1 AM PH Time (GMT +8). The sale will then be available with a 25% discount through Battle.net until September 6 at 1 AM PH Time (GMT +8).

With this, players who are still on the fence if they should try it have a great reason to get the game. Though if you still need more convincing, you can check out review of Diablo IV here.

As a treat for players, this weekend will feature a special blessing for players. Specifically, the Blessed Mother will bestow a gift upon Sanctuary which will let players receive XP and Gold at a 25% increased rate. This rate up will apply to Seasonal and Eternal Realms, as well as World Tiers.

Finally, the Season of Malignant storyline and quests can be tried out ahead of the Season of Blood which will launch on October 17. For more info on this, visit the official blog.