Endless Dungeon shares Hero Reveal #6 – Fassie

Meet Fassie, the newest hero revealed for Endless Dungeon.

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With the game’s Closed Beta happening this September, Amplitude Studios and SEGA shared a new video for Fassie, the sixth hero to be revealed for Endless Dungeon.

Fassie is a mixologist who specializes in potions and elixirs in Endless Dungeon, though he also crosses the galaxy in pursuit of the specs of legendary mixologiests as well as a legendary beverage.

His backstory is described as:

“Fassonandu (or Fassie for short) is a Drakken, a species once native to the planet Auriga. The Endless found them fascinating enough to distribute their DNA for manipulation across dozens of labs in dozens of systems, and as a result there are little pockets of Drakken all over the place.

Most, like Fassie’s family, are happy to manage the peace and prosperity of their little corner of the cosmos. Fassie, however, dreams of bigger–and older–things.”


As for gameplay, Fassie is both a supporter and an attacker, and his skills are as follows:

  • Stay Classy (Passive Skill) – Wit is increased for each monster in the same room (up to a cap)
  • Shot! (Special Skill) – Throws a drink at a targeted hero whose Fire rate and Attack Damage are increased depending on the number of monsters in the room (up to a cap)
  • Bar Fight (Ultimate Skill) – Nearby monsters fight each other while efficiency of nearby Heroes increases

Endless Dungeon will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on October 19, 2023. Ahead of the release, there will be a closed beta test for PC players this from September 7 to 19 which will be accessible to those who pre-order the game.

To pre-order Endless Dungeon, visit the official game website.