Farlight 84 is going all in for the Philippines | Everything you need to know

Farlight 84 is dedicated to growing the Philippine gaming landscape!

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The Farlight 84 Philippines Summit was held on August 24 at The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan. Key figures from Farlight Games showed up to talk about their dedication to supporting the game with constant updates and unprecedented levels of local support for Philippine players. 

Farlight 84 is a fast-paced hero battle royale that can be played on PC and mobile devices. The game shot up to popularity due to its unapologetic design philosophy that encourages fun through chaotic means. Each hero has their own specific set of skills that any player can use for high-action and strategic gameplay. 

The Farlight 84 Philippines Summit was held to show how much the game matters to Filipinos. Players, content creators, influencers, and industry leaders gathered around to witness how the developers were expanding both in and out of the game. Here’s all that you need to know about Farlight 84’s plan to build a hyper-local ecosystem.

Farlight 84 is expanding in every direction

game roadmap

Nelson Woon, Farlight Games Senior Director and Global Publishing, kicked off the Summit with an exciting lineup of game updates. This involves plans on how Farlight 84 will be evolving in the coming years and what will it mean for Filipino players. 

Over 200 developers across Shanghai, Singapore, and the United States are dedicated to making sure that Farlight 84 receives consistent game updates. The game already has over 30 million globally registered users with over 1 million daily active players in the Philippines. 

Each month, Farlight 84 will be releasing new hero updates (which can include brand new characters or revamping existing ones), new seasons, and battle pass skins. And every six months, players can expect the arrival of a brand-new map, weapons, modes, and vehicles.

But that’s not all. Perhaps one of the more significant announcements in the Summit, in 2023, Farlight 84 is set to reach new heights by making its debut on the Nintendo Switch! By 2024, PlayStation and Xbox platforms will be included as well. This is proof of the team’s goal to make Farlight 84 a seamless experience for everyone, regardless of their platform.

new platforms

Farlight 84 takes pride in embracing a user-oriented development process. The ultimate goal is to make sure that players are given a voice that will be by the developers. Player feedback is key for the game’s improvement.

“As a team, we continually strive for excellence, curating engaging and localized gaming experiences that resonate deeply with players. Our collaborations have brought fruitful and meaningful results, amplifying our mission to take gaming to new heights,” says Woon.

Fair play is a big deal for Farlight 84. They’ve put a ton of effort into beefing up their anti-cheat systems which can involve matchmaking isolation, device ban, and IP ban considerations. Cheating is a no-go, and they’re all about making sure everyone enjoys a level playing field. In just 2023 alone, over 40,000 cheaters were already detected and dealt with. 

A new Filipino hero is coming to Farlight 84

farlight new hero

In October 2023, Farlight 84 is adding a new Filipino Hero, inspired by a local Pinay celebrity! This new hero channels the energy of a rock star, adding a vibrant twist to the game and showing some major love for Filipino culture.

And if that wasn’t awesome enough, Farlight 84 is also rolling out an exclusive hero skin that celebrates the rich cultural diversity of the Philippines. This special skin is designed with Filipino fans in mind, capturing the colorful aspects of local heritage and making that bond with the Filipino gaming community even stronger.

Market expansion efforts in the Philippines

On top of all the in-game updates coming to Farlight 84, the studio has set its sights on expanding its offline presence in the Philippines, aiming to create an even stronger bond with its Filipino player base and bring the thrill of the game into the hands and hearts of fans across the country. Marketing Director Adrian Alpin takes the stage to explain more.  

A collaboration with Filipino actress Ella Cruz stands as a major milestone. She will be the official Philippine ambassador for Farlight 84. This partnership extends to an in-game battle emote and dance featuring Cruz.

Moreover, Farlight 84’s collaboration with the Filipino P-POP group SB19 brings together gaming and music, introducing the game’s very first music single inspired by the group. SB19’s influence also translates into in-game emotes and dances, inspired by the distinct styles of SB19’s Josh and Justin.

Farlight 84 cafe

Aside from entertainment, Farlight Games is also tapping into the educational sector in the Philippines. Farlight 84 will be partnering with select Philippine universities to launch a collegiate program. This initiative serves as a bridge between academia and the rapidly evolving esports industry. Currently, over 40+ colleges have been contacted with over 2000 students competing in 10 tournaments. And that’s only the beginning. 

Remember the good old days of spending hours in an internet cafe with your friends? Farlight 84 seeks to bring it all back. The game’s partnership with over 600 Philippine cybercafes aims to be a turning point for local gaming, ensuring widespread access. Collaborating with TNC, Farlight 84 is organizing top-tier tournaments for cyber cafe gamers, creating a prestigious platform for showcasing skills and promoting both competition and camaraderie.

Community and creator-centric 

content creators

Farlight 84 is going above and beyond by launching a distinctive program aimed at empowering local gaming leaders. By doing so, they’re actively fostering greater participation and revitalizing the gaming scene from the grassroots level upward. Community Manager Chance Chen takes the stage to talk more about this. 

Farlight Games is making a powerful commitment to supporting Filipino content creators in the upcoming three years, with a substantial investment of $10 million. This dedicated fund not only includes cash rewards and regular events but also offers content tutorials and a generous supply of in-game diamonds. 

The studio firmly believes in the unique potential of the Filipino creator community and is determined to nurture its growth. At the heart of this initiative lies the vision to provide each creator with a personalized growth strategy within the Farlight 84 universe. 

Farlight 84 esports plans

Farlight esports

If there’s one thing Filipino gamers love doing, it’s being competitive. The folks at Farlight Games are well aware of this. Given how the esports industry continues to grow on a global scale and how there’s no shortage of dedicated and talented players in the Philippines, Farlight 84 is seeking to break new ground in the competitive scene. 

Stanley Peng, Director of Global Esports announced on stage that a huge investment of $20 million will be given to make sure that the Philippine esports scene will continue to not only survive but thrive as well.

Enter the Farlight Philippines Championship (FPC), an all-embracing series of tournaments open to everyone, regardless of skill or rank. The pioneering FPC point system guarantees fair advancement, ensuring a level playing field. Notably, participants have a chance to compete for $1 million, with opportunities to clinch cash prizes in numerous tournaments happening nearly every other day. This will be the highest prize pool in a shooter game tournament in the history of the Philippines

Notably, this marks the first-ever shooter game tournament system designed exclusively for the Filipino community. A fresh approach features automated tournaments boasting real-time ranking displays, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience. Looking ahead, Farlight 84 hints at the exciting possibility of a 2024 World Cup, where top-tier players will go head-to-head for the ultimate title on the global stage.

And there you have it. If you were looking for a sign to finally jump into Farlight 84, this is it. If you’re someone who’s already an existing enjoyer of the game, know that the future is very bright. The gaming scene in the Philippines continues to head in the right direction and it’s studios like Farlight Games, who truly believe in the local ecosystem, that pioneer that conversation. There’s never been a better time to drop into Sunset City.