Goddess of Victory: NIKKE reveals Nier: Automata collab

The NIKKE x Nier Automata collab will bring 2B and A2 into the game!

After its previous announcement at a livestream, the Goddess of Victory: NIKKE and Nier: Automata collab just got an official teaser.

This new teaser features pre-rendered cinematics with no gameplay footage, but it still gives fans a taste of what to expect. You can watch it here:

Based on the teaser, it looks like 2B and A2 will be the main highlights of the collab. And looking at some of the other promotional materials for it, Pascal seems to be another key character in the crossover. Though interestingly, it seems that while 9S appeared in the distance in the teaser, he might not play a huge role here. Of course, that remains to be seen as not a lot of details about the collab have been released yet.

Though based on the previous Nikke x Chainsaw Man collab, we do have some idea of what to expect. If this new crossover is similar to the previous Chainsaw Man event, we’ll likely see 2B and A2 as new characters that players can pull for a limited time. There will also likely be another character that will be given as part of event rewards.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the full details, but what’s certain is that the NIKKE x Nier: Automata collab will happen from September 1 to 27, 2023.