Like a Dragon Gaiden: New Akame and Daidoji Faction details revealed

Here are some new story and character details for Like a Dragon Gaiden.

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After sharing a series of interviews, SEGA and RGG Studio shared new details about Akame and the Daidoji Faction in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

As revealed previously, the Gaiden spinoff will see Kiryu in his new life as an agent. Given the events of Yakuza 6, Kiryu pretty much can’t show his face in Kamurocho. Thus, Gaiden sees Kiryu in Sotenbori.

While in Sotenbori, Kiryu is caught up in a certain incident. Soon, he becomes acquainted with Akame, a mysterious woman who is well-versed in Sotenbori’s underworld.

Not unlike The Florist of Sai, Akame is able to gather information through her network which comprises the homeless population of Sotenbori.

Thus, Kiryu joins forces with Akame, and he soon helps her out with various requests within the criminal underworld and the poverty industry.

Along with sharing details about Akame, RGG Studio also revealed new info about the Daidoji Faction, an organization that Kiryu works for under the name “Joryu.”

First, we have Yoshimura, a Daidoji faction manager who specializes in violence.

He is described as:

“Yoshimura prioritizes the faction above all else, ruthlessly eliminating those who pose a threat. He openly expresses his contempt for Kiryu, a man who shows no allegiance.”

Next, we have the mysterious Boss whom RGG Studio says is:

“Other than the fact that he is a high-ranking officer in the Daidoji faction, not much else is known about this wheelchair-bound old man. As someone who possesses a significant amount of power within the organization, he demands Kiryu to keep the pact he made with the Daidoji.”

Finally, there’s the Head Priest, a confidant of Kiryu:

“A man who serves as the head priest of the Daidoji.

Detached from his earthly desires, he enjoys playing Go by himself all day long.

He is one of the few people Kiryu confides in.”

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name will release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on November 9, 2023.