MSI teams up with Capcom for an Exoprimal bundle promo

Each purchase of select MSI gaming monitors will come with a free Exoprimal code in this new promo!

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MSI recently teamed up with Capcom for a new Exoprimal bundle promo which gives buyers of select MSI gaming monitors a huge treat.

Specifically, each purchase of selected gaming monitors from the brand will come with a free Exoprimal PC game code that will be redeemable on MSI’s official website. On top of this, buyers can also get a special Exoprimal decal that’s exclusive to the promo.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Exoprimal is a multiplayer shooter from Capcom that was released just last month. In this team-based shooter, players control exofighters with unique classes, and are divided into teams of two. In the game’s main Dino Survival mode, two teams of five players face off to accomplish a set of objectives. Though aside from dealing with the opposing team, each team will also need to contend with fearsome dinosaurs.

As for the monitors, these are the two gaming displays that are part of the MSI Exoprimal bundle promo:

  • MAG 274UPF
    • This 27-inch has a 144Hz refresh rate and a 4k resolution, promising a great gaming experience for esports and triple-A titles.
  • MAG 325CQRF-QD
    • The MAG 325CQRF-QD is a 31.5″ Rapid VA curved panel that has a fast 170Hz refresh rate and Quantum Dot (QD) technology, for vibrant and accurate colors.

For more info about the partnership between theExoprimal game bundle promotion,  visit the official promo website.