PlayStation Portal handheld and other PS5 play accessories to release later this year

The Portal is PlayStation's new handheld designed for PS5 Remote Play.

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Following its reveal, the PlayStation Portal handheld is finally coming later this year along with new PlayStation 5 accessories.

In case you missed it, the PlayStation Portal was revealed back in May, and it is Sony’s first new gaming handheld. Though don’t mistake it for a PlayStation Vita successor as this device is designed as a Remote Play partner.

Basically, you can think of it like a DualSense controller with a tablet in the middle. The device has an 8-inch LCD screen with a 1080p resolution and supports up to 60fps gameplay. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack, along with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

PlayStation finally announced the price of the Portal, and it will have an SRP of USD 199.99 (around PHP 11,325). Pre-orders will be available soon and it is set to release this year. Though more pre-order and release details will be shared in the future.

Along with the Portal, PlayStation also revealed the pricing of the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds and Pulse Elite wireless headset, two Planar Magnetic personal audio devices.

The Pulse Explore is PlayStation’s first set of wireless earbuds, and it features dual microphones with AI-enhanced noise cancellation, as well as lossless audio.

These earbuds will be priced at USD 149.99 (around PHP 8,500).

Finally, the Pulse Elite is a new wireless headset which also comes with lossless audio, along with a retractable boom mic and AI-enhanced noise rejection. Think of it as an enhanced PlayStation Pulse headset that’s priced at a more premium USD 199.99 (around PHP 11,325).

Aside from the PS5, these the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore can simultaneously connect to a PlayStation Link supported device (such as a PC, Mac, or PlayStation Portal) along with a Bluetooth device. This means players can answer calls from their phone while using the headsets on their PS5.

Availability of these headsets will be shared at a later date.

Source: PlayStation Blog