Rainbow Six Siege ‘Heavy Mettle’ launches on August 29

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 3 introduces a new Operator and more.

After the release Year 8 Season 2, Ubisoft revealed that Rainbow Six Siege Operation Heavy Mettle (which is Year 8 Season 3) will be released later this month.

This new season introduces Ram, a new South Korean Operator. Along with the new Operator, the season features a new commendation system, a Quick Match rework, and other big updates.

Of course, the highlight of this new season is Ram, a one speed three health Attacker who comes equipped with a BU-GI Auto-Breacher gadget. With this, Ram can destroy walls, floors, and other map elements to give her team new vantage points. The tank can also destroy gadgets and any soft surfaces in its path. Plus, she comes equipped with an R4C or an LMG-E as a primary weapon and a MK1 or an ITA12S as a secondary weapon.

Next, the season features a new Commendation System which allows players to rate others based on their playing experience together. Aside from personal satisfaction, highly commended players will receive rewards.

Another big update this season is a rework for Quick Match which makes it faster as there are reduced round timers, objective locations are automatically revealed, and bomb sites come set up with reinforcements. Meanwhile, Attackers get a 10-second invulnerability at the start of Action Phase to prevent spawn peeking,

Unranked has also been changed to Standard, and the Standard playlist won’t come with Operator or map ban phases. Plus, the new game mode Weapons Roulette will be added in the Arcade playlist. This mode will let players start with the same weapon that automatically swaps to a new one after a set amount of time.

Finally, the season will bring a bevy of other updates, including the second part of balancing for Operator Grim, improvements to the in-game shotgun ecosystem, and new Tutorials, among others.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Heavy Mettle will launch on all platforms on August 29, 2023.

For more info, visit the official website.