Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 3 ‘Heavy Mettle’ is now available

Rainbow Six Siege's new Operator and Battlepass for the season are out now!

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After its reveal earlier this month, Ubisoft finally released Heavy Mettle, Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 3 update.

As previously revealed, this new season adds Ram, a South Korean Operator. It also features a new commendation system, as well as various gameplay updates.

The highlight of Rainbow Six Siege Heavy Mettle is no doubt Ram, the new one speed, three health Attacker who is equipped with the BU-GI Auto-Breacher gadget. With this, Ram can destroy walls, floors, and other elements on the map to give her team more openings. Plus, this tank gadget can also destroy gadgets and any soft surfaces on its path.

Along with Ram, the season also features the new Commendation System. With this, players can positively rate their teammates and opponents based on their experience playing together. To incentivize players to be on their best behavior, highly commended players will get various rewards.

Other updates in the season include the rework to Quick Match which makes it even faster, as well as a redesign of Unranked which is now called Standard. Plus, there’s also a new Arcade game mode to give players more options when they play.

As for Operators, the season features a range of buffs, including the the second part of the Operator Grim buff along with updates to teh shotgun ecosystem.

Finally, the Year 8 Season 3 Battle Pass is here, and getting it will let players unlock Ram instantly, along with 18 Bravo packs, a Bravo token, exclusive skins, and 600 Rainbow Six credits.

For more info on Heavy Mettle, visit the official website.