RGG Studio shares Like a Dragon Gaiden Agent and Yakuza style combat details

Kiryu will have two combat styles in Like a Dragon Gaiden: Agent and Yakuza.

As the game’s release inches ever closer, RGG Studio shared some new details about the combat in Like a Dragon Gaiden, including the Agent and Yakuza Styles

Gaiden is the next game in the Like a Dragon franchise, and it’s a spinoff starring Kazuma Kiryu following his adventure in the time between Yakuza 6 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

As previously revealed, in this game, Kiryu will take on a new identity given the ending of Yakuza 6. Aside from an identity, Kiryu will also get a unique new style. Specifically, he has the Agent Style for combat as one of his two main fighting styles.

Agent Style

The Agent Style is a secret fighting style by Daidoji Agents (which Kiryu works as in the game) that is new in Like a Dragon Gaiden. This style features a combination of martial art techniques from a wide range of countries, coupled with various “gadgets.”

It might not be as physically powerful as Kiryu’s other combat style, but it’s a fitting set of techniques for his new identity as the agent Joryu.

When entering Heat Mode or Extreme Heat Mode in this style, Kiryu will be able to access various gadgets. For instance, the Serpent will let Kiryu unleash incredibly fast kicks. Meanwhile, the Bee drones will swarm to launch a massive joint attack.

Yakuza Style

To complement the Agent Style, Like a Dragon Gaiden also has the Yakuza style that harkens back to Kiryu’s days as the Dragon of Dojima. This style is characterized by brutal haymakers, kicks, and the ability use various objects as weapons.

In this style, Kiryu also has brutal Heat actions instead of the more finesse attacks of Agent Style. Then, in Extreme Heat Mode, Kiryu becomes more powerful and can pummel foes without pausing when in the Yakuza style.

New Battle Mechanics

Gaiden will play similarly to other Like a Dragon games, though it does introduce some new battle mechanics, including:

Ultimate Counter

  • In Yakuza style, Kiryu can use Ultimate Counter to crush an incoming attack, break the enemy’s guard with a kick, and then hurl them away in a violent throw, all in one go.
  • In Agent style, Kiryu will deflect the attack with a precise kick, deal an elbow strike, and then use gadgets to fling the foe around which affects any nearby enemies.

Charge Attacks

  • As its name implies, Kiryu can use Charge Attacks as follow-ups to quick combos. There are Finishing Blows which end a combo, as well as Resolute Counter which is a powerful counterattack.

Upgrading Abilities with the Catalog

Like a Dragon games have different ways to earn get new skills. In this game, Kiryu can learn new abilities and skills through purchasing books listed in the catalog by the Daidoji faction. These books can cost a pretty penny though, but there might be a way to expand the catalog without spending a fortune which RGG Studio has hinted.


Finally, Kiryu has Gadgets in Agent Style, including:

  • Spider
    • A tool that ejects very thin wires from a watch to restrain enemies.
  • Serpent
    • A compact jet spray mechanism hidden inside Kiryu’s shoes allows for bursts of accelerated movement.
  • Firefly
    • A small bomb shaped like a cigarette.
  • Bee
    • An autonomous combat auxiliary drone powered by AI.

All of these Gadgets can be through the services of a certain weaponsmith that players will discover in the game.

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on November 9, 2023. As previously announced, Gaiden will come with a free demo for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.